The Little-Known History of Brunch

Brunch is no ordinary meal; it’s a celebration.

Even its name is special. The word Brunch is a portmanteau: a blending of two words to create an entirely new expression.

And speaking of expressions, just the idea of Brunch can make you smile: conjuring up visions of lazy weekends, sleeping in, meeting up with friends, sipping mimosas, and indulging in decadent gourmet treats—both savory and sweet.

You can thank a 19th century author for coming up with this idea that has led to the modern-day Brunch tradition.

In 1895, British author Guy Beringer first floated the idea of Brunch in the Hunter’s Weekly article, “Brunch: A Plea.” Brunch, Beringer suggested, would be a lighter (and later) alternative to heavy Sunday meals and a way to blow off steam over the weekend. Thankfully, Beringer even proposed that liquor be served.

However, it wasn’t until the 1930s that Brunch gained popularity in America when church attendance waned, yet people still wanted to socialize on Sundays. Also, more women entering the workforce pushed for the family to eat out on Sundays, rather than having to slave away in the kitchen after working all week (Amen to that!)

Ayza is pleased to add its signature flair to this beloved tradition. Our chefs, chocolatiers, mixologists and sommeliers have created a truly inspired Ayza Brunch menu that will not disappoint, offering something for everyone.

We’ll help you get the party started (and keep it going) with our Happy Hour drink menu throughout Brunch. Choose from our extensive wine list or celebrate with one of our refreshing signature cocktails.

You’ve been good all week, so treat yourself to a brunch classic such as a fluffy omelet, a light and crispy waffle with fresh berries, Rueben egg rolls, bacon and eggs over field greens and roasted almonds, fresh and flavorful salads, or homemade margherita grilled cheese.

Or for a special treat, try one of our signature Ayza Flat Breads, mouth-watering pulled pork sliders, or a wild salmon and avocado burger. And, we don’t want to brag, but our flavorful Ciabattas, Paninis, and Lime-marinated Chicken Tacos will rock your taste buds.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Brunch without a scrumptious treat, including fresh strawberries covered with Belgium chocolate, 20-layer crepes cake Brûlée, a chocolate sampler, or delicious alcohol-infused ice cream. And don’t forget our signature Classic Chocolate Martini!

Our $12 Brunch Menu is available every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2 pm. Enjoy your Brunch in our delightful outdoor garden and check out our upgraded look and food/wine cocktail options. After 12 years in business, we thought it might be time for a little makeover.

We are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, with many great things for you to do and see after Brunch, right in our own backyard.

Learn how Ayza can make your next special event a truly memorable experience.