Assorted Platters

Choice of 3/$24 – 5/ $34

Aged Manchego

Spanish - Raw Sheep's milk - Firm
Very silky with more than slight tang and bite. Yet, it seems to melt on the tongue.

Shropshire Blue

British - Pasteurized Cow - Soft
Full flavored un-pressed saffron infused with distinctive blue veining and intense flavor.

Tête de Moine

Swiss - Raw Cow - Shaved
Meaning the ``monk's head``, intense fruity flavor and smooth texture.


French - raw cow - semi soft, complex, lactic, mushroomy & earthy

Aged Parmigiano Reggiano

Italian-Raw Cow-Hard
Sweet, salt, spice and nuttiness that fill your mouth with a little crunch and a caramel finish.

French Brie

French - Pasteurized Cow - Soft
Very mild, unassuming, creamy and 60% butterfat.


French - Pasteurized Goat - Semi Soft
Soft, flaky paste with a white bloomy rind and a very assertive flavor that sharpens with age.

Herb Goat Cheese

French - Raw Goat - Creamy
Special blend of fresh herbs, spices and lemon for a creamy savory experience.

Creamy Gorgonzola

Italian - Pasteurized Cow - Soft
This blue-green veined cheese has a full, earthy flavor and creamy texture. Perfect for spreads.


Saucisson Sec

French - Hard Pork Salami

Duck Liver Paté

French - Mousse of Duck Liver


Italian - Dry Salt Cured Beef


Italian - Sweet Hard Pork Salami

Prosciutto Di Parma

Italian - Salt Cured Pork