The proprietors of AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar are committed to providing an impeccable, first-class dining experience through their unique menu, coupled with a selection of over 110 fine wines and champagnes from all over the world. AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar, offers its patrons the finest food and wine in an elegant, yet comfortable atmosphere, in which to dine, meet friends, or have drinks after work.

Enjoy Our Enclosed – Heated Garden! Full menu of salads, tapas, main courses, savory cheese & charcuterie, Jacques Torres chocolates, chocolate martinis and more…


The proprietors, Aytac Nural and Zafer Sevimcok, both have unique backgrounds and experience in the food and wine industry.

Ay = Aytac + Za = Zafer = AYZA

Aytac Nural:  Mr. Nural has a degree in Civil Engineering from Turkey.  He was responsible for completing two large projects in Turkey for Ozkan Insaat. However, he chose to pursue his passion in the food service industry and has been doing so for the last 20 years.  Some of his past experiences include working at establishments such as, Rain, Bella Luna and La Grenouille. Mr. Nural has gained most of his experience while working for Turgut Balikci, the proprietor of Bella Luna and Charles Masson at La Grenouille.

Zafer Sevimcok: Mr. Sevimok has a degree in journalism and worked at Sabah newspaper, a well renowned Turkish newspaper.  While completing his studies, Mr. Sevimcok worked in the food service industry as a waiter and bartender.  Some of the establishments he worked at include Diva and Contrapunto.

Mr. Nural and Mr. Sevimcok have been friends for over 37 years.  The two friends contemplated venturing into the food service industry for many years, however, they were waiting for the perfect location, opportunity and timing. According to the proprietors, the most important principle in running a successful establishment is that the client’s needs are tantamount.  Furthermore, AYZA ensures client satisfaction with the quality of the food, wines, service, hospitality and professionalism they provide.


Artist Sinem Disli and Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar invite you to dine under the stars.

We are bringing the starlight indoors with the help of 33 handmade iridescent yellow light fixtures, arranged artfully with a gentle slope of the night sky. The yellowish-white color has been declared to be the average color of the universe in 2009, after the scientists had analyzed the light from 200.000 galaxies, formed by stars individually indistinguishable by the naked eye.

The artist captured that warm beige shade with yellow LED lights in 6 different sizes, which are then arranged in the shapes of 33 constellations. The bigger the sphere the closer the star. Blue iridescent bulbs, sprinkled throughout, represent 12 zodiac constellations and 55 golden candle holders complete the picture.