Your Perfect Cocktail Dress Based on Your Favorite Ayza Signature Cocktail

At Ayza’s private events, our cocktail menus are varied and offer a taste for everyone. From work soirées to intimate party gatherings, we serve the perfect drinks that reflect your party’s purpose and function. But what about the outfits that bring the party to life? Don’t worry, we’ve figured that part out too! 

When you host your next cocktail party at Ayza, choose your favorite Ayza Signature Cocktail and we will give you an outfit to match! As style is reflected in everything you do, from the food you eat to the clothes you wear, here are your best cocktail dress styles based on your taste in cocktail:

If you like the Antioxidant Margarita, your cocktail dress style is Peplum.

You’ve got flair on the inside so go on and wear it on the outside! If you go for this vivacious cocktail, you love to laugh and adventure. A Peplum-style cocktail dress is for you, not only for its extroverted silhouette, but its eccentric nature to match this flavored Margarita!

If you like the Bohemian Pear, your cocktail dress style is a Two Piece.

Your style knows no bounds. You go for a completely unique look and let your creativity lead the way. It’s no wonder you love Ayza’s original Bohemian Pear. At your next cocktail party with us, embody that free-spirited fashion in a two-piece dress.

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If you like our Chocolate Manhattan, your cocktail dress style is Off the Shoulder.

Your style is sexy. The Chocolate Manhattan is sleek meets street, and that’s right up your alley. The perfect dress to go with this Ayza Signature is off the shoulder: confident and alluring.

If you like the Love Affair, your cocktail dress style is Floor Length.

You’re a romantic so of course, you choose a cocktail that embodies that personality trait. When you’re sipping on this wine blend, nothing goes better than a classic, feminine figure. Make your cocktail party presence a fairy-tail moment.

If you like the Tropical Sangria, your cocktail dress style is a Wrap.

You like comfortable and breezy. Ayza’s Tropical Sangria is just that, plus delectable! Your best bet is to go with a dress that’s fuss free, but still chic: enter the Wrap Dress, an easy, flattering style.

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Not attending a cocktail party at Ayza anytime soon? You can still find your favorite cocktail on Ayza’s Signature Cocktail menu, available every day! Hope to see you, in cocktail attire or any of your favorite outfits, soon!