Chocolate by Cioccolada

organic, raw, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, kosher
Each $3 – Choice of 3/$8 – 5/$13

French Cognac Ohh La La

Cognac reduction in caramel covered with luscious chocolate

Coconut Tropical Pleasure

Chocolate covered coconut cream and bits assemble a perfect tropical bite


Crunchy walnut covered with luscious chocolate

Champagne Strawberry

Champagne bubbles reduced in strawberry sauce with a touch of caramel

Almond Sea Salt

Bits of raw almonds kissed by sea salt on top of silky chocolate

Chocolate by Jacques Torres

Each $2.5 – Choice of 4/$8 – 6/$11 – 12/$21 Ayza Gift Box $5

Chocolate by Michel Cluizel

Each $3 – Choice of 2/$5 – 4/$10


berries & almonds

70% DARK

candied oranges & pistachios


roasted almonds & crispy chocolate chips


roasted hazelnuts & lemon