Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, when shared with someone you love, has a certain magic to it.

For all the trappings, all the fanfare, this holiday, through its very magnetism, moves even the most hardened New Yorker. In the middle of February, even in the cold Manhattan wind, it thaws our heart, and we glow as we walk down the city street with a bouquet in hand.

Valentine's Day

What I am saying is that, as with all good holidays, Valentine’s Day brings out the best in us. It makes us want to give our valentine the best. Yet, even the nicest material things drift from memory, end up in closets or stuffed away in jewelry cabinets.

We at AYZA, New York City’s most romantic wine bar, have something better in mind.

It goes without saying that nothing lasts like an experience—something that your beloved can reminiscence over 365 days later. So flowers, although a start, cannot replace a romantic meal, intimate conversation, and the excitement of spending a night out on the town.

Our Valentine’s Day dinner is a gourmet expression of the seductive, the sensual and the impassioned. You’ll have your Valentine all to yourself in a wine bar brimming with romance, chocolates, fine wine and class. Imagine it. When you arrive at AYZA, you’ll go from the brutal mid-February chill into tables strewn with rose petals and intimate overhead lights filling AYZA’s elegant setting. Or maybe you’ll be outdoors in the gazebo as the heaters blanket you with waves of warmth.

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For Valentine’s Day dinner, AYZA prepared a comprehensive three-course meal to woo your taste buds as you woo your Valentine. Everyone gets a choice of their appetizer. If you are not experienced, you’d do well to try the Roasted French Brie Crouton. It’s followed by your choice of pasta radiatore, filet mignon, roasted bass or pan-seared chicken Breast as your mealin course. Each is mouthwatering. Take the filet mignon. AYZA makes the tenderest of filet mignon medallions. As they look so attractive on the plate, you won’t believe how moist and flavorful they are in your mouth.

20-Layer Crepe Cake 1

Well, if you haven’t tasted AYZA’s heavenly desserts, you are in for something special. You’ll finish the evening with decadent dessert paired with a dessert wine that makes chocolate (or cheesecake) even better than it already is.  Dessert, like the other courses, has several options, so you’ll both find something to your likings. In all, the meal works out to be $74 per person. But for what’s thrown in, it’s worth it.

Let’s be frank: flowers die; chocolates are eaten. But if you put those flowers, those chocolates, that romance in a someplace new, someplace exciting, it will live on. Spending Valentine’s Day at AYZA does just that.. And you are only a reservation away.

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