Perfect Summer Wines and Recipes

Now Is the Perfect Time to Try Out Some Exhilarating New Pairings of Summer Wines and Recipes

It seems like everything slows down in the summer, giving you the chance to take a little extra time to explore the world around you and discover some exciting new restaurants, cafés and bistros, as well as their most irresistible offerings. Whether you choose one Midtown gathering spot where you plan to try everything, or you intend to extend your adventures to a few different locations, you are in for some carefully planned treats this summer.

What Are Some Wine and Food Pairings You Won’t Be Able to Resist In NYC This Summer?


As you begin to plan your dining and wine tasting adventures for the next few months, keep in mind that you face a nearly overwhelming — in the best way — array of options. You can start your experimental summer by trying out different Old World and New World wines, or you can start with your meal and work in the perfect complementary wine. It is your adventure, but your warm and welcoming Midtown wine and chocolate bar can certainly help you find your way.

Consider trying a few of the following tempting summer food and wine combinations available in Midtown NYC this summer:

  • Pour Something Dry to Accompany a Salad With a Tart Dressing. When you choose a light salad, such as the Ayza light spring salad recipe, the Italian Fruta Mista, which features a slightly tart balsamic vinaigrette dressing, you might order a wine that will create harmony and balance. Ask your server about the Chalone Chardonnay, which is a clean, crisp and refreshing dry wine that gives the floor to your salad that features creamy gorgonzola, mesclun, strawberries and mango. Considering all the bold flavors in your salad, a smooth and subtle chilled white wine is the ideal choice.
  • Add Some Zest to a Salmon Salad. While the rules of pairing wine with salmon often veers toward choosing a Pinot Noir, you might steer away from the traditional trend and try a fruity, yet still crisp and light, Hay Maker Sauvignon Blanc. This white spring wine variety will help accentuate the sultry tones of the salmon for a bold and unique spin on a classic salad dish.
  • Select a French Rosé Wine to Enhance the Flavors In Filet Mignon. A chilled Rosé isn’t always the first choice when selecting a wine to pair with your Petite Medallions of Filet Mignon, but it is often an extremely satisfying and flavorful choice. The sublime French  Rosé from Chateau d’Or et de Gueules is on the menu all summer and perfect for this steak dish.

Finish your meal with a dessert, which might involve a serving of a medium dark chocolate with Riesling, or you might opt for a glass of Rosé Provence with an extra dark sliver of chocolate.

Visit Ayza for Many More Recommendations for Perfect Food and Wine Pairings This Summer

Our patio is now open at Ayza so you can enjoy your meal in the open air while enjoying the sights and sounds of Midtown. As a bonus, you can look forward to a complimentary serving of our fruity and refreshing sangria before you even place your order. We look forward to helping you discover an amazing range of flavors this season.