Summertime Happy Hour

An Outdoor Summertime Happy Hour in NYC Has All You Need to Unwind After a Long Day In the Office

Summer is finally upon us, and it is time to celebrate by spending some quality time relaxing outdoors. Each day, you dutifully do your work while the sunlight temptingly beams through your Manhattan office windows. You probably can’t help but imagine that moment when you can break away and breathe easy while sipping your favorite wine on a cozy café patio with co-workers and friends.

Now that warm weather is standard for the season, midtown cafés are preparing patios all over the city for your arrival. These inviting bistros often feature weekday happy hour windows and hold out the sincere hope your time there will help you end your work day on a high note, enjoying after work drinks, appetizers, dinner items and chocolate in good company. Whether you want to simply stop in with a few friends, or if you would like to plan a group gathering for a delightfully informative wine and chocolate tasting, it all awaits you and your companions.


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You Have So Much to Look Forward to When You Treat Yourself to Happy Hour in NYC

While you can certainly expect standard happy hour fare when you visit your favorite café , restaurant or bar in Midtown Manhattan, you can also feel comfortable elevating your expectations for something more substantial. Keep a few additional options in mind when planning your happy hour gatherings:

  • Wine Tastings Led By Knowledgeable and Passionate Sommeliers. You may feel like trying a new spring wine, a rosé wine or a white wine to mix things up this summer. But maybe you aren’t quite sure where to begin. Expert sommeliers can help you find an exquisitely sweet new Riesling or a light and refreshing Pinot Grigio. If you want to explore the complex variety of flavor families of a rosé — fruity, sweet or savory — a wine specialist can lead you to your new summer rosé favorite.
  • Light Dinners to Top Off the Day. When nuts and popcorn aren’t filling enough to accompany your wine, cocktails or beer, ask about light dinner items, which might include a spring salad or another light food recipe. One warm weather salad favorite you may enjoy is the Italian Fruta Mista, which features organic mesclun, strawberries, mango, creamy gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Something Sweet For Good Measure. Make an evening of your happy hour gathering by ordering anything from a sliver of divinely decadent dark chocolate to the beautifully and carefully crafted twenty-layer crêpes cake brûlée .

Savor Your Happy Hour In Summer At Your Favorite Midtown Bar

If you work or live in Midtown NYC, or you are visiting the city from out-of-town, we hope you might stop to celebrate summer with Ayza with our weekday happy hour events, starting June, 13, Monday-Friday from 3-6:00 pm. Soak up the evening sun’s warm rays in our outdoor seating area while snacking on free popcorn and nuts and sipping reduced price beer, wine and cocktails.