Discover AYZA Events in 7 steps

At AYZA Events, we strive to create a warm, harmonious and eclectic atmosphere where our guests, dedicated staff and surrounding Midtown NYC community can feel our commitment to providing peerless hospitality and an incomparable culinary experience.

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1- Our Staff’s Commitment to Our Guests’ Transcendent Pleasure During Each Visit

Everyone from our innovative chefs and skilled kitchen team members to our invaluable servers and hosting staff understand the importance of providing our guests with an exquisite event experience that features our sumptuous dining options. We are all here to help guests design and execute an event that exceeds hopes and expectations.

2- Fine Dining and Sublime Service Pair Well With Any Occasion

Whether our guests need to plan a baby shower, a gala or cocktail party, a wedding reception, a corporate mixer or any other type of celebration or event that calls for ample space, exceptional service and scrumptious food, AYZA’s event planning team can help arrange the occasion to everyone’s comfort and satisfaction. Each private event features a sommelier-led wine tasting to give our guests a preview of the breathtakingly impressive wine list.

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3- Our Decor and Ambiance

AYZA’s decor is as friendly and comfortable as it is sleek and modern, featuring stunning views of Manhattan, reminding our guests of our prime Midtown NYC location while managing to cultivate an aura that serves to enhance the style and tone of each event.

4- Our Event Spaces

We offer our guests two primary spaces to accommodate different types of gatherings. For relatively intimate groups that feature parties of six and more, the semi-private event space is ideal. For larger events, such as wedding receptions that can feature up to 400 guests, the large-scale space will still feel cozy while giving everyone the freedom to easily mingle and dance.

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5- Our Dining Menu

As we help or guests plan each event, we enlist the expert services of a sommelier to help ensure the pitch perfect pairings of wine with chocolate, cheeses and main dishes. Our accomplished cooking staff thrives on developing and delivering exotic culinary conceptions to thrill the most sophisticated palates. Guests can browse our extensive list of appetizers, soups, salads, tartines, panini, main entrees and desserts — all including vegetarian options — to carefully choose the right menu for their guests.

6- Wine, Cocktails and More

For guests planning a lighthearted and brief affair, our wine list, cocktail offerings and appetizer menu may suffice. Our sommelier will happily provide gentle guidance to offer guests a stunning array of reds, whites and roses for every preference. Guests might also enjoy quaffs that include everything from a chocolate martini to a classic beer to unwind and enjoy the event all the more.

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7- We Look Forward to Meeting and Serving Our Guests from Our Beloved Neighborhood and Beyond

Each time we host and cater an event at AYZA Events, we grow and learn more about our patrons’ needs, and we welcome that growth. We always enjoy discovering and implementing new ways to provide exemplary service, food and wine in the ideal space for our guests from around the block, across the country or from around the world.

Reach out to us for your new experience in an exciting atmosphere to book your event to your specifications.