Plan a Gender Reveal Party

Plan a Gender Reveal Party to End the Mystery!

As much fun as you have had keeping family, friends and co-workers in the dark about one crucial detail of your pregnancy, you might feel it is time to let everyone in on that age-old question: Is it a boy or a girl? Besides sharing your joy about your baby’s gender, you can finally release your registry information to share what types of supplies you need and would appreciate; especially for items that are gender specific.

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You might also want to help prepare your young toddler or older child for the new arrival, so the more information you can give him or her about their new sibling, the easier for them to accept your new bundle. At the very least, you can go ahead and reveal your baby’s name and celebrate your new family member together.

Choose the Right Time for Your Gender Reveal Party 

Most parents plan gender reveal party events to take place between four and one-half months to six months into pregnancy. No matter when you plan to hold the party, give yourself six weeks to take care of the planning — setting the date and booking a location — so you can get the results for your ultrasound then send out the invitations.

Your Ideal Location Is Possibly Right Around the Corner

If you don’t feel up to preparing your NYC apartment or home for party guests, you have nothing to fear. Search your neighborhood for a space that manages to create the perfect balance between cozy and spacious, giving you and your guests the chance to easily mingle and roam while maintaining a warm and intimate quality. With plenty of advanced notice to your guests, and by working with the event planning coordinator at your desired café, bar or restaurant, you can find a prime spot that works wonderfully for everyone.

Keep Everyone Happily Hydrated and Nourished













Your location may also feature a kitchen that serves a gourmet menu of delights. Start planning refreshments by making sure you provide a variety of offerings the wine list, along with some non-alcoholic elixirs that you and others abstaining from spirits can enjoy. As far as edibles, you can run the gamut from offering your guests trays of dessert hors d’oeuvres that feature chocolate strawberries to savory treats like assorted cheese, Charcuterie or hummus platters. Your midtown café or restaurant might also serve a full lunch and dinner menu for longer events.

Send Out Invitations to Your Guest List

You probably already made out your gender reveal party’s guest list early into your pregnancy, so once you receive your ultrasound results and book your location, you can go ahead and send out your invitations and evitations to let everyone know the details, giving them time to RSVP.

Plan Special Events to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender












There are many ways you can heighten the anticipation leading up to the reveal, as well as the moment of truth itself when you plan some special events, party games and activities surrounding the main event. One idea that you might consider when planning your party include asking your guests to commit to their guess about your baby’s gender by wearing a shirt, sweater or small pin that clearly indicates their guess. Other ways that you can simply present the baby’s gender is by giving a special informational prop to your guests at the point during the event you are ready. A few prop ideas include pink or blue colored Hawaiian leis, confetti and coated chocolate candies. You can also give everyone a box that includes either a mustache or a lipstick tube to get the idea across with plenty of humor for this joyous occasion.