Looking for a boutique hotel for your Holidays in NYC?



New York City is known around the world for their incredible boutiques where you can find luxurious treasures, art galleries, and shopping for anything from Chinese hand painted porcelain to vintage Hermes. They’re also known for their one of a kind boutique hotels. Scattered throughout the city in the small and richly cultured neighborhoods people with vision and a deep sense of graciousness have been locating and restoring remarkable buildings, breathing a new life into the villages they know and love to create welcoming environments for those who want to see the richer side of New York City life.

Modern, Chic, Elegant..

The Marmara Park Avenue is a landmark and a historied 21-story building that dates back to 1927 where it housed design and architecture studios. Keeping to its artistic roots The Marmara worked with local artisans and craftspeople who have fabricated some of the building’s most eye-catching elements locally. The finished product is modern and multi-faceted, chic and elegant, and it’s the perfect place to experience NYC for one night or even if you’re here for a longer excursion.



Each of the 128 suites and guestrooms, including three penthouses, offer vast, spacious ceilings that capitalize on the location’s natural light, providing remarkable uninterrupted views of the New York skyline. Inside, the rooms feature massive guest beds topped with mountains of pillows, wetbars and fully-equipped kitchens, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors. You don’t even have leave the hotel to step into the city: 40 suites come equipped with private terraces.

The Marmara Park Avenue nurtures a spirit of sophisticated whimsy while feeling warmly familiar. The lobby’s hand-blown glass of the breathtaking vestibule, assembled using more than 670 pieces of faceted steel, has a lofty feeling as you enter and that clean, subtle ambiance undulates into new elements throughout, punctuated by a curated art collection for guests to enjoy that is both bold and playful.



The Marmara Wellness center offers a stunning Turkish hammam, Experience Shower, and an incredible 799 sq. ft. subterranean swimming pool for a luscious one-of-a-kind relaxation experience amid a serene setting, a rarity in New York City. The spa treatment rooms, staffed by expert masseurs are sites to detoxify, cleanse, and soothe away any traces of a hectic day.


Before you slip off for a good nights rest be sure to stop by the venue’s One One Four Bar & Lounge for some intriguing nightcaps and delicious midnight snacks.


For a unique experience curated just for you in the Nomad Neighborhood, just north of Madison Square Park, The Marmara Park Avenue has a suite for you whether you’re here for business or pleasure, a dreamy day-cation or a longer staycation for extended play.


To find out more visit: The Marmara Park Avenue


Photo Credits:  Marmara