Holiday Party Decoration

Holiday Party Decoration & DIY That Sparkle and Celebrate

As the time for your holiday party inches closer, it’s time to handle various aspects of the big event. There are the food, drinks, music, and more. One sometimes-overlooked yet key aspect is the decor and design. Although you can pull off a holiday party without having any – or very minimal – decorations, these touches please the eyes, warm the heart, and truly set the tone for the party. So it’s really best to include some of these beautiful touches.

Holiday Decoration
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As you go about planning your holiday party decorations, there are several issues to consider.

Festive and Fun Themes

This is where you can get really creative. Come up with a fun and memorable theme that suits the personality of your company and employees. One possible theme is Winter Wonderland, and you’d incorporate mainly white, silver, gray and very lightly colored items. You could have twinkling white lights around the room and even an ice scupture on the food table. Another theme idea is It’s a Wonderful Life, and you’d have nostalgic items that harken back to the simpler days of the 1940s, an old-fashioned Christmas tree, multicolored lights around the room, and centerpieces of greens and red poinsettas.

Decorations and DIY

Once you decide on a theme for your holiday party, it’s time to get more specific about what decorations you will include in the room where your event will take place. Keep your budget in mind when determining what you can or can’t afford to do. Even with limited funds you can still pull off a beautiful array of decorations.

Holiday DIY Decoration

If you’re on a super-tight budget or if you’re just feeling inspired and creative, you can consider doing some do-it-yourself (DIY) holiday party decorations. Simple yet beautiful options include centerpieces for tables, and these can include candles, live or artificial evergreen branches and greens, and accents of color. Even just stringing up lights throughout the room can be quite inexpensive yet add a huge amount of ambiance.

Pulling It All Together

When planning for your holiday party decorations, remember to make sure the look and feel of the party room blends well with the music and food you’ve selected. So if you go for the It’s a Wonderful Life theme, for example, you might want to have some of the musical selections that are played be classic tunes from the mid-20th century. You could even have guests show up in attire that fits the theme, such as 1940s garb for the It’s a Wonderful Theme. Have fun and get as creative as you’d like!

Your Holiday Party Venue

And if you need a beautiful location to host your company’s holiday party, check out Ayza, conveniently located in the heart of New York City near the Empire State Building. We’ll be happy to help you coordinate all aspects of your event, including decorations and themes.


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