Corporate Event? Let’s Plan it!

Rise to the Occasion and Plan the Perfect Corporate Event to Dazzle the Guests

Albert Einstein once said, “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” If anyone understood the value of planning, it was probably the Professor. It is true that a corporate event’s measure of success — like many aspects of the corporate world — often comes down to results.

How happy are the guests? Are people mingling? Does everyone have refreshments they enjoy?

You have no need to worry. With the right approach to corporate event planning, you will not only rise to the occasion; you will exceed everyone’s expectations and create a memorable corporate event. Guests may even think it was nothing, but you will know better.

Corporate Event

Develop a Strategy for Planning Your Corporate Event So You Can Get Down to Business

With a flurry of details you have to cover for designing your organization’s corporate event, it will help if you develop a planning strategy that guarantees that you make all the necessary arrangements on schedule. Focus on the following details for a running start at your planning process.

  • Decide on the Business Purpose. It will fortify your planning strategy if you connect with the reason you are planning your corporate event. Banquets, fundraisers, customer or staff appreciation parties, product launches, and holiday celebrations are just a few reasons for your event.
  • Learn More About Your Guests. The nature of the event will give you an initial clue about your guests, but you will need to build a contact list to send invitations with a RSVP that may include a general survey of preferred foods and beverages. These details will help you find out how many vegetarians will attend, for instance, and you can plan accordingly. Once you receive all RSVPs, you will know the size of your group.
  • Work to Find the Best Possible Event Date. Coordinate with your supervisor to determine a basic range of dates that they have in mind for that corporate event. You can then cross-reference industry events, holidays and heavy vacation times to avoid scheduling conflicts. Remember that you can’t please everyone, but with some diligence, you may come pretty close.
  • Find the Perfect Venue. Planning a perfect corporate event often hinges on finding the perfect venue for private parties in Midtown New York City to comfortably accommodate your guests. Whether you want to plan a full dining menu, schedule a wine tasting, snack on appetizers and chocolate desserts, discuss the many exciting entertainment and menu options available to you with the venue’s event planner so you can plan an effective, fun and memorable corporate event.

At Ayza, we thrive on hosting corporate events for businesses in Manhattan and beyond, and we would love to help you plan and host your organization’s upcoming corporate event for up to 400 guests. Our warm, welcoming and professional staff can help take some concerns off your event planning plate.

Contact us for your next corporate event and we will plan it for you.