Booking a table at a restaurant with your pet?

Booking a table at a restaurant? Here’s how to make sure your pet enjoys it too.

If your pet is your most loyal companion, it makes sense that you want to have them by your side everywhere you go. Fortunately, it’s easier to find upmarket venues that are accommodating to pets now days. Air Charter Service recently compiled a list of New York’s Top Pet-Friendly Venues, which proves that you don’t have to leave your pets at home anymore.

There are a few additional things you can do to ensure your furry loved one feels right at home in a restaurant environment.

Some basic rules of etiquette should be kept in mind. Control is vital to a successful stay, so if you have the ability to manage your dog, then there should be no issues when taking them to a restaurant.  Always keep your pets on a leash and make sure they have proper identification in the event of their running off. You should also keep the walkways and passages clear to avoid patrons tripping over your pet, and possibly injuring the animal in the process.

If your dog is normally over-excitable it can be challenging to get them to wind down when yours party has taken its seats. When there’s nothing to keep your dog occupied and they get bored, they may display inconsiderable behavior such as barking, leaping, or whining.


You can prevent this by taking your dog out for a walk prior to going to the restaurant. This will give them an outlet for those high-energy levels and, by the time you arrive for your reservation, your dog will be ready to relax and give you some time to enjoy your meal. Taking a stroll in the park is also a way to let them do their business beforehand.

You can also bring along their favorite toy to keep them entertained and not bothering other guests. Or better yet, why not let them socialize with other pets, provided the owner has given their consent. You should also pack some doggy treats to feed them occasionally (some recommend you feed him snacks as a way to reward them for good behavior in the restaurant) but remember to check with the waiter whether feeding is allowed in the specific dining area. Some restaurants have special menu items for dogs so it is worth enquiring about that too. 

Pet owners believe their pets are their children and, just like people who have human children, a well-mannered child is welcome anywhere. If your dog is well-behaved, then it’s likely that you will both have a wonderful experience when visiting a pet-friendly restaurant.

We would love to accommodate you and your pet at AYZA. See you soon!