How to Eat Healthy This Summer

How to Eat Healthy This Summer

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your health and to work towards your
goals of improving it through diet and exercise. The warmer months and increased ability to
spend time outdoors open up a wide range of possibilities for burning calories through sports,
games, and any number of enjoyable activities.
Summer also brings with it a wealth of fresh produce to consume. Fruits and vegetables are
available in greater abundance and better, robust flavor during this peak growing season. It’s
the ideal time to work on improving your diet with these tasty options and leave behind the
heavy, calorie dense processed foods. Your body will thank you and your taste buds will be

Take Advantage of Fresh Produce

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to get fit, and to stay in good physical health, is
through a careful diet. Pre-packed and fast foods may be highly convenient, but they don't
contain much nutrition. Instead, they weight the body down with all the preservatives and fillers.
These types of foods will often cause feelings of tiredness, bloating, and fatigue. Not the way
you want to be feeling to take advantage of summer’s activities! Do yourself a favor and opt for
some delicious fresh foods instead.
Summer is the best time to expand your diet to include more fresh fruits and vegetables. There
are so many delicious options available. Even better is that you can choose to purchase local,
organic produce when in season to support your community. Farmer’s markets are common this
time of year and are the perfect place to select quality produce that will add variety and flavor to
your meals.

Fruits and vegetables can make up the majority of a healthy diet. Get creative in your chosen
recipes and experiment with unique flavor combinations.
The importance of eating enough fruits and vegetables is widely known as they provide so many
vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other essentials to keep your body healthy and functioning
In addition to fresh foods, you may want to look into supplements to help you meet your nutrition
needs. Supplements are a convenient method to fill in any gaps that you still have in your diet.
Unify Health Labs offers some excellent supplements, along with support and information of the
vital part they play in keeping you feeling your best.

Eat Lighter Meals

Another good way to structure your diet through the summer months is to choose simpler and
lighter meals. When the weather is hot and humid you likely aren’t craving heavy comfort foods
as much as you do in the colder winter months. Your body naturally prefers healthier options,
but if your diet habits aren’t the best, pay attention to what you are eating and keep track of your
meals so you can make a conscious effort to choose better foods.
Calorie dense and carbohydrate laden foods make you feel sluggish and this will just be
elevated even further in the heat of summer. Keep yourself feeling energized and refreshed by
opting instead for salads with lean proteins and light desserts like fruit instead of high sugar
foods that will just lead to an energy crash later on. Feeding your body correctly will have you
looking and feeling great and ready for all the adventures of summer.

Stay Hydrated

Summer is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the fresh foods that are available to
you and one of the best parts about fresh fruits and vegetables is that they contain a high
amount of water which will help to keep you hydrated. Proper hydration is essential for your
health, especially in the summer. Physical activity and heat lead to water loss through sweating
and it’s vital that you replace this lost water to stave off dehydration and other maladies. Take
care to drink plenty of water along with eating foods that have high water content.
This summer, take part in the delicious, fresh options available to you to improve your diet and
your health. Your body will thank you and you will find yourself having one of the best summers


by Lindsey Patterson