Ayza Wine Chocolate Bar
Ayza Wine Chocolate Bar


Believe it or not, corporate parties are important to your career. They can raise your profile, help you
forge new alliances, and offer rare opportunities to interact with VPs and the CEO. And aside from getting
stuck listening to an awkward restroom confessional or watching that guy from accounting suck up to the
boss (again), they can even be fun. Especially if your corporate party is at Ayza (but more on that later).

That’s not to say that corporate parties aren’t tricky to navigate. One faux pas or off-hand remark can
follow you around the office long after the party is over.

Here are the top ten etiquette tips for standing out (in a good way) at your next corporate party.

1. Plus-one Permitted? Unless it is specifically mentioned in the invitation, check to make sure you
can bring a guest beforehand to avoid an embarrassing entrance.

2. Timing Is Everything. Be mindful of your arrival and departure times. Showing up too early is
awkward and showing up just at the end is disrespectful. Shoot to arrive within 15 minutes of

when the event starts and whatever you do, don’t overstay your welcome.

3. Dress For Success. Don’t be that person who shows up wearing an inappropriate outfit. Know
what the dress code is for the party, and if you’re not sure, err on the professional with a touch of
flair. Make sure any guest you bring follows the dress code as well.

4. Party Hardly. Remember, this is a corporate setting. Overindulging in food and drink is not a
good look. Enjoy yourself but everything in moderation should be your mantra.

5. Ask Before You Post. Even though you’re out of the workplace, your colleagues may still feel
uncomfortable getting their picture taken or posted on social media. Ask first, and make sure they 
approve the image before you post.

6. The Art of Small Talk. Get to know more about your colleagues in ways that don’t involve work,
while keeping conversations light and non-confrontational. Try to find shared experiences or
common ground such as favorite movies and shows, travel experiences, food, sports, and family.

7. Present Your Best Self. Basically, everything your mother told you when you were a kid will help
you show respect while exuding confidence and positivity. Stand up straight, walk self-assuredly,
maintain good eye contact, shake hands firmly (sorry, fist-bumping doesn’t cut it), and smile.
Thanks, Mom.

8. Go Forth And Network. Don’t remain clustered with your regular office squad all evening—get
out there and expand your horizons by mingling, meeting new people, and networking. Just don’t
be obnoxious about it like that guy from accounting.

9. Toast Graciously. Wait until the person making the toast raises their glass before doing the
same—and don’t clink glasses. If you are being toasted, stand and be gracious without drinking
or clapping yourself. Make a reciprocal toast to the person who honored you with thanks.

10. Manners Matter. Although mandatory attendance is not expressed, it is implied. If you absolutely
cannot make it, RSVP as soon as possible with sincere regrets. Also, thank your host before you
leave, and follow up with an email or thank you note afterwards to make a great impression.

Hosting an Event? Ayza Makes It Unique, Fun, and Convenient

Along with being experts at wine, chocolate, specialty cocktails and great cuisine, Ayza specializes in

We host large private parties, corporate events, and business meetings at Ayza as well as in our sister
venues. Our events manager will guide you through every step of the way. We will provide the
convenience, focus, and functionality you need to personalize your special event and make it delicious
No matter how big or small your party is, Ayza provides the unique flair to make yours an affair to

Ayza Wine Chocolate Bar


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