Wine Critics that Changed the Way We Enjoy Wine

Wine is a beverage that people all around the world enjoy on a regular basis. It goes great with any meal and the different varieties please the palate in a unique way. There have been quite a few critics on the subject of wine in the past that have been crucial in changing wine drinking. Each one has given critiques of wine from their own perspective. Some of the most famous include Robert Parker, Steve Heimoff and Antonio Galloni.

Robert Parker

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Robert Parker is a leading wine critic from the United States. Although he is an American, he has travelled the world to sample wines. Parker graduated from University of Baltimore with a law degree. He continued working in this field until 1984. This is when he began to full devote his time to wine critiquing.

Before leaving his other career, Parker had begun working on a book in 1975. This was the beginning of the publication The Wine Advocate in 1979. This became very popular because of Parker’s writing style and great critics of wines, which wine drinkers worldwide noticed.

Parker has changed the way that wine is bought today for a couple reasons. One of which is the vocabulary that he uses to describe wines. These adjectives that describe wine are still used today. His reviews affect the buying and selling market of wines internationally because of this critic’s reputable writing. To read more about Robert Parker, you can visit

Steve Heimhoff

Steve is also a world renowned wine critic. He grew up in the Bronx, New York and attended college in New England. He then moved to San Francisco where he truly began feeding his passion for wine. During the 1980’s, Steve spent a lot of time teaching himself many things about wine.

In 1989, Steve began writing small articles for the Wine Spectator. Since then Steve has written thousands of articles as well as books. HIs great talents in writing and his impecable palate have influenced the international wine community. A good score from this critic will definitely add value to any wine that he critiques. You can visit Steve’s website at .

Antonio Galloni

Antonio Galloni is a world famous critic. His reviews of wines influence wine purchasing worldwide because of his reputable opinion on the subject. In 2005, Galloni published the Piedmont Report, which was distributed worldwide and used by many to determine wine selections. 

As of 2013, Galloni will specialize in the critique of California wines. There are several regions in the area and Galloni will research and discover more about these wine regions. Recently, Galloni also started his own website that is geared toward younger wine drinkers. This will affect the wine industry as well because his reviews will guide customers in one direction or another depending upon the review. Visit for more information on this famous wine critic.

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