The West Village Halloween Party is a Must!

You are invited to the most heart-racing, hair-standing-on-end Halloween party in NYC at AYZA West Village. AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar is throwing a Costume Party at the West Village location on October 31st, 2012, right on the heels of the Village’s sensational Halloween parade.  The party kicks off at 10pm and ends at 1am.

We will have a DJ spinning all night so please bring your dancing shoes. Also, leave some room for our pumpkin martinis and pumpkin pie, along with AYZA’s delicious drink selection.

To join the party, just wear a costume (required). It can be a truly mind-blowing Halloween party.

No RSVPing (updated)

AYZA West Village is located at One 7th Avenue South between Carmine St. and Leroy St.

Do you have too many invations for your Halloween night parties? Here are special things that AYZA’s 2012 West Village party got going for it:

1. From Parade to Party

AYZA’s party is only a block or two away from the sensational Halloween parade. Our party begins (10pm) right about the time the parade finishes (10:30 at latest). In a way, our party is an after-party. You take out all that pent up energy from watching some spectacular and salacious costumes by dancing and partying the night away at AYZA West Village. Also, you will probably be hungry and thirsty.

2. Everyone in Costume

All too often adults do not dress up at Halloween parties and it drains the energy from the room. At our party, you will surely see one or two costumes that should have been in the parade!

3. Chocolate Always Was The Best Treat

If you went trick or treating as a kid, you know that the best bouty was chocolate. Now that you are an adult you can have some of the really good chocolate at AYZA, whether its in a Martini or a truffle.

4. Dance: Put on Your Red Shoes

Halloween is a great holiday to loosen up and we have a DJ to coax people onto the dance floor. Besides, you are in a costume so you do not have to be entirely yourself!

5. Pumpkin Crazy

The Jack-O-Latern is the signature symbol of Halloween. And Halloween, we get to enjoy a flavor neglected for the rest of the year, pumpkin. We have some pumpkin pie and pumpkin martinis to prove that the pumpkin taste holds its own.

So trust us….we know how to throw a Halloween Party. Besides, our logo is a black cat!

2 Important Rules

  • RSVP on Opentable Beforehand (party is at AYZA West Village from 10pm to 1am)

  • Costumes are Required

AYZA West Village is located at One 7th Avenue South between Carmine St. & Leroy St.