Mother’s Day: Unique Gift Ideas for your Mom

Mother’s Day: Unique Gift Ideas for your Mom

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the race is on to find the perfect gift. Skip the generic candy and flowers this year and opt for a gift she can continue using after May 14. Consider some of these creative suggestions to make this Mother’s Day unique and special.

Mother's Day
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Upgrade the Car

No, you don’t have to buy your mom a new car for mother’s day, unless of course you want to. She wouldn’t mind. However, moms spend a lot time behind the wheel transporting children, running errands, and just traveling in general, so explore gift options in her driver’s seat. Her vehicle is her home away from home, so enhance the enjoyment of her second home with some car upgrades. Perhaps she has always wanted a rear backing camera or an updated sound system. A quick trip to your local auto shop or service dealer and her wish is your command.

You can opt for obvious upgrades such as seat covers or floor mats, but why not kick it up a notch and give your mom something she really needs. Maybe her side mirror is cracked, or her steering wheel is damaged. Look for any minor repairs her car needs and surprise her with them. If the car is in excellent condition, maybe you could offer to treat it to a deep clean, or buy her a car wash subscription. Fun car decals are a great option too.

Create a Family Memory Book

If you are looking for a gift to tug at the heart strings, consider creating a family memory book. A memory book is a collection of family memories displayed using photographs, or told as stories using text or a combination of the two. This is a good way to permanently record family memories and possibly discover untold stories along the way. Use this as a time to bond with your mom. She will enjoy bringing out old pictures and explaining their backstory, and you’ll get to create a cherished memory with mom.

Record any stories or information she tells you, and use it to put captions on photos. If you’d rather the book stay a surprise, consider working together with other family members such as siblings to allow others the chance to contribute and possibly provide photos or memories you weren’t aware existed. Don’t forget to make additional copies of any photos you use, as it is always better to keep the original in a safe place.

When putting the memory book together, you can use a simple scrapbook or have your memories printed in a bound book using sites such as Shutterfly or Snapfish. If you have design experience, you can use design programs such as InDesign to create your memory book.

Renovate the Home

Home is where the heart is, so increase the love by making small home renovations your mom will get a lifetime use out of. If your mom loves to cook, kitchen renovations are a great option.  Perhaps your mom has been using the same appliances since you were a kid, and years of use have left them faded or broken. Purchase one or two new appliances, and cut down on the utility bill by making sure they are energy efficient. Other eco-friendly options to stop the bank account drain are new kitchen plumbing, new lighting with energy-efficient bulbs, or double-paned windows that block heat and regulate the temperature indoors.

For the mom who loves color and design, DIY projects could be just the gift you are looking for. If you enjoy woodworking, build a new headboard using salvaged material such as fencing, old doors, or window shutters. Make it sentimental by attaching family photos. Accessorize cabinets with new hardware of your mother’s choosing, or change the look of any room by installing crown molding or baseboards.

Switch it up this Mother’s Day and give your mom and gift that will keep on giving. Update the areas in her life she uses the most such as her car or home, or get creative and sentimental with DIY projects.

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