Tech-Savvy Valentine’s Day Ideas

When one’s true love has a love for technology, that individual likely wants to get his or her sweetheart a gift that radiates this hobby and passion. In a world full of social media and new technological innovations that make their presence known every day, plenty of options exist for this heartfelt gift.

English: iPhone 3GS (left) and iPad 2
English: iPhone  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Buying Some New Tech Gear

While some of the gift ideas involve actually using technology, lovers can also purchase each other a new iPad, iPhone or tablet to get the holiday started right. These gifts are a bit more on the pricey side, so they may be better for individuals who have been together for awhile. On top of that, if the couple already lives together, then both members of the pair get to share in the joy of this new electronic toy.

Setting up a Blog

Blogging has become a popular past-time, and many individuals want to go beyond the level of the basic blog. However, they might not have the money to sign up for a site that offers fancy borders, fonts and features. For this budding writer, the gift of a blogging platform is an excellent idea. People might decide to purchase a year-long subscription for someone who really enjoys writing or a shorter amount of time for a person who is just starting to consider dabbling in the arts.

Making a Smart Phone Photo Album

Plenty of people take pictures on their phones and then upload them to the internet. However, many individuals also save their favorite pictures on their phones so that they can show them off when they go out. For romantic men and women who are able to get their hands on their love’s cell phone, creating an album of all these favorite images is possible. Some cell phones have capabilities that allow users to make the album right on the phone and then have a hard copy mailed over to them.

Proclaiming One’s Love on Social Media

For some individuals, the little things in life are really the grandest presents. Take, for example, a woman who always says that her significant other does not express his affection enough in public. In conjunction with purchasing a present or making some chocolates, the boyfriend or husband can take to social media and finally, in the public eye, profess his love for his sweetheart.

Gifting Subscriptions and Online Accounts

A number of different websites offer subscription based services that one person could give to another for Valentine’s Day. For example, some individuals like to order a lot online, so a membership to a site that offers free or expedited shipping would be a good idea. Movie buffs can benefit from checking out all of their favorite films online or from streaming them to their televisions from a computer.

Whether one’s interest lies in social media or in blogging, plenty of ideas exist for great gifts this Valentine’s Day.