Take a Dip into a Chocolate Fountain at an AYZA Private Event


A fountain of Chocolate Fondue is the thing of children’s dreams. But chocolate fondue still can be the life of the party for even the most formal events. While chocolate may be sweet, gourmet chocolate, especially fondue, also is sexy and intoxicatingly good.  AYZA, NYC’s wine and chocolate bar, offers a crowd pleasing Chocolate Fountain Station with irresistible Belgian Dark Fondue Chocolate for a whole range of private events.

AYZA can cater a wedding, engagement party, corporate events, baby shower, or for any special celebration with the Chocolate Fountain Station. Guests return again and again to enjoy the unlimited chocolate fondue with fresh fruits, marsh mellows, brownies, pretzels etc. It gives your event another dimension, adding to everyone’s enjoyment.

Our Belgian Dark Chocolate Fondue goes many many foods. AYZA selected many of the best to dip with chocolate, from bananas to brownies, from chocolate chip cookie to rice crispy treats, from apple to pineapple. No match is too decadent.  See a list below for all the options or combinations you may build.


Of course, the Chocolate Fountain Station is set so that it matches character of the event. We can decorate it  with candles or rose petals, or you can decorate with whatever goes with your event. The Fountain always fits in seamlessly and adds an elegant and exciting element to an event.

Make your own combination for the for the Chocolate Fountain Station:

  • Banana – Marshmallow – Macaroons

  • Strawberry – Brownie – Apple

  • Pineapple – Pretzel – Chocolate Chip Cookie

  • Shortbread – Rice Crispy Treat – Raspberry

For more information, see our private events website http://www.ayzaprivatepartyeventsnyc.com/ and contact AYZA.