Specials for Emmys Weekend: See How AYZA Celebrates TV’s Biggest Night

The Emmys, television’s biggest night, are tomorrow. Before the envelopes open, get ready for the red carpet at AYZA. AYZA is offering TWO special deals on Emmys Weekend (Today Sat. 9/17 & Sun. 9/18). If you mention the Emmys or make a reservation through OpenTable (type “EMMYS” in the special code box), you & your friends will each receive a free chocolate shot. Also, AYZA is serving $6 Hollywood Martinis! Keep in my mind, AYZA does not have a TV. But you are still welcome to use AYZA as a kick off point for your evening. These specials cannot be combined with other promotions.

Tomorrow you get to laugh at the jokes of the quirky Jane Lynch of Glee, this years host and you get to see your favorite stars dressed to the nines and you get to find out the great shows you haven’t been watching. And for Emmys Weekend, AYZA treats you almost like you are  on the red carpet. Cue free chocolate shot and $6 Hollywood martinis.

Details for the Emmys Specials

AYZA has tuned in too. In getting ready for the red carpet, AYZA is offering TWO special deals on Emmys Weekend (Saturday 9/17 and Sunday 9/18)….With the mention of the “EMMYS,” each person in your party gets a free chocolate shot. But an award show wouldn’t be complete without the right martini. So AYZA has a special martini (at a special price) for TV junkies like ourselves. For those in the know, AYZA is selling $6 Hollywood Martini’s all weekend long. We know how much you’d like to watch the Emmys while you are enjoying Hollywood Martinis, but because of the layout of the bar, we don’t have a TV at AYZA. Besides your own TV must be good to you, as you are watching Emmys.  Just remember:

To qualify, you can either mention the EMMYS while your at AYZA this weekend or make a reservation for Saturday or Sunday through OpenTable (remember to enter EMMYS in the special code). To make a reservation, click the FIND A TABLE button halfway down the ayzanyc.com homepage .

A Short Emmys Preview

The Emmys also coincides with the fall television season as your shows start up again. Let’s admit it, we’ve all had DVR some of the ones and rushing through past season on Netflix to get up-to-date.

This year you have some new shows.  Boardwalk Empire, HBO’s new gangster show starring Steve Buscemi, has taken the most nominations of all. Right behind that is Game of Thrones, TV’s excellent answer to Lord of the Rings. Although it’s on it’s third season, The Good Wife, a new kind of legal drama, is gaining momentum too.

The old heavyweights are back and are going to be hard to dethrone. Mad Men has lost a beat. Glee still has people singing and 30 Rock cannot be funnier. Whether it’s funnier or not we will find out on Sunday, but the The Big Bang Theory is in the running again.

Everyone has their shows. Maybe after the Emmys, you will add another to the mix. But this weekend, come relax at AYZA for a couple hours with friends before you hold your breath as they open the envelope.