Spanish Wine Tasting | Sunday, May 27th 3pm-4pm

Spanish Wine Tasting
AYZA Midtown
Sunday, May 27th | 3pm-4pm
$ 29.99 p/p


Who would turn down going to Spain this Spring or Summer, renting a car and touring the vineyards of Rioja and Ribera del Duero? Spain has several special regions that produce incredible fine wines. Nowhere else will you find the ruby-colored tempranillo, or the “noble grape,” so revered.  It is a real shame most of us can’t go, but at least, we can get a taste and let our imaginations go wild.

In that spirit, we have a Spanish Wine Tasting on Sunday May 27th 3pm-4pm to reinvigorate your love of Spanish Wines or introduce to you to the most under-appreciated Old World wine. You will get to try a Spanish Rose, A Rioja Reserva, Xocolina as well as a few others.

We are already selling tickets for the tasting.