Social Responsibility at AYZA

AYZA Wine and Chocolate Bar is committed to being a business that has a positive impact in the larger community. We work with not-for-profit organizations that dedicate themselves to making the world a better place. Whether it is sponsorship, holding fundraisers or donating food, we are enthusiastic about helping charitable organizations. Read an interview of co-owner Zafer Sevimcok to hear about why we feel passionately about social responsibility: AYZA Co-Owner Discussing Social Responsibility

Over the last year, AYZA was happy to assist 3 not-for-profits organizations when they had events in NYC. These events are crucial for these not-for-profits to carry out their missions.


In May 2012, we had the privilege to be a sponsor for the City Girl Beauty Project in their event, Giving is Glamorous. The benefit honored survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, all too common experiences. Millions upon millions go through this every day worldwide.  Focusing on beauty and empowerment, the night was an inspirational celebration of the many who have survived these painful and traumatic experiences and reclaimed their lives and their sense of self-worth. City Girl Beauty Project has done a marvelous job of acknowledging their heroism.

Entertainment Tanika Ray and actor Jabari Gray showed their support at the event, which honored Margarita Martinez, a survivor of domestic abuse. She found the strength to escape her situation through her love of creating handmade jewelry. She is truly an inspiration to us all. We donated wine, prosecco & chocolate for the 250 guests.


In October 2012, we had the chance to contribute to another event surrounding victims of violence, children who witness domestic violence. It was the red carpet screening of a documentary film, The Children Next Door – Children of Domestic Violence. The event was also a benefit for the Children of Domestic Violence Foundation that addresses the enormous consequences of children in that environment. The lack of awareness of this major problem is very high. The effects of this experience are as chilling: adults who as children had been present in a household with domestic violence are  74 times more likely to commit a violent crime, 50 times more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, 6 times more likely to commit suicide, and 3 times more likely to repeat the cycle. Hundreds of millions of children carry these unspoken wounds into adulthood.

As awareness is one of the key problems to helping and healing children of domestic  violence, a documentary is the perfect way to bring this to more people’s attention. The more people that know about the Children of Domestic Violence Foundation mission: to help those who experience domestic violence as children reach their full potential and break the cycle of violence.  It was organized by the SoHo Project, which raises funds and awareness for non-profits through creative and artistic projects.

A few days later in October, we worked again with the SoHo project in support of Kick4Life, a non-profit which uses sports in Africa to help children living in communities harmed by the spread of HIV and the AIDs epidemic. They focused their efforts in Lesothos, where over 100,000 children have been orphaned from AIDs. Kick4Life has reached out to tens of thousands of children to give them the health care and education they need to live happy, healthy lives.


The event on Oct. 23rd was called the Kick4Life Fall Gala and AYZA donated to our chocolate fondue to this high profile event of 350 guests. The model Tyson Beckford attended along with American football sport stars Ramses Barden, David Sims and Mike Harris of the NY Giants and European football (soccer) star Giuseppe Rossi who plays for the Italian national team.

It was great to assist in this organization’s efforts to deliver health care and education to children who live in this region of great need. Kick4Life is a wonderful example of using common culture (like sports) to bridge barriers, solve problems and help people.

We cannot express how worthwhile these experiences have been. We are committed to keeping this up in the future and will keep you informed of them (some are already in the planning stage)