Shape of Time by Alexander G. Lyle IV | AyzART

1454942_389575097844192_831429265_nAlexander G. Lyle IV pushes our conceptual and artistic boundaries in “Shape of Time” at AyzART, a site-specific exhibit.

Lyle explore the fourth dimension as few other artists do, capturing the complexities of time. Through the evolutions of the other 3 dimensions of form, we confront the 4th dimension in a way normally not available to the eye. He relies on movement, both change, growth and decay to communicate the relativistic certainty that time is only felt through movement and that without change we have no access to experience.

1454843_389575687844133_1780684431_nLyle reveals the beautiful mechanics behind time, through event, progress, and simultaneity, questioning perception and unmasking it at the same time.  He outlines the day to day challenges of a comprehension of time, heightened by the age of relativity, quantum mechanics and seemingly limitless human interconnectivity. We appreciate how it ties humanity together, the mystery of the ever-present now but living in a tangible legacy of past nows. Cultural boundaries fall away as we all stand before a universal human paradox.

The artist puts it simply: “Just as we do not live in the past or the future neither are we ever permitted to settle in the present….In this construction I am working with a visual concept of “the moment”. I am considering the moment not merely as a frozen image but also as an instant suspended by the forces of the past and of the future.”

To be in this limbo of time together, Lyle pushes us to a greater humanity, shared in a moment to moment fluid experience that seems irresolvable but filled with timeless potential.