Play It Cool: AYZA Sweetens the Deal

AYZA knows New York City has the best theater in the world. To make the most of these opportunities, AYZA works with great productions to put a cherry on the cake, so to speak. This time AYZA partnered with Play It Cool, a stellar Theatre Row musical, to sweeten your evening:

By bringing your “Play It Cool” ticket stub, you receive a free chocolate shot.

After the show, you can come over to AYZA as we are open to midnight most nights (not Sunday) and 1 am on Friday and Saturday. You can spend the rest of the evening with friends discussing the stellar jazz singing of the cast, perhaps trying to hit some of their notes.

If you haven’t heard of the show, I’ll give you a summary of Play It Cool.

It’s Hollywood 1953. It’s not safe for gays and lesbians. The only place they can be themselves is in secret. The musical takes place in an underground nightclub, Mary’s Hideaway, that broke the rules, giving men and women a place to be free from society’s intolerance. Although Mary’s is hidden from society, the characters don’t have to hide from themselves like they do in front of the rest of the world.

The very creation of an underground club in that era that liberated gays and lesbians was a risky propositions. The club’s owner, Mary played by Sally Mayes, demonstrates an extraordinary courage, a courage that translates well in Mayes’ numbers. She has a standout voice that fills the stage like the best jazz performers of another era. At times, the musical is light and witty, balanced with singing that captures the passions that come with living a life of secrets. Play It Cool is also a love story, even though the odds are stacked against the characters. Play It Cool, featuring some of the best jazz singing in New York, will be at the Acorn Theater until October 9th.