Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party



As spring blissfully barrels its way toward us, many NYC brides-to-be might need some high-quality event planning assistance to celebrate her last days of single life before taking her upcoming nuptials with her future partner. While there are many considerations involved with bringing together bridal showers and bachelorette private parties, it doesn’t have to feel daunting or overwhelming. Consider some of the following ideas to mastermind the perfect event for the bride to enjoy her life as a single woman one last time with people she holds dear.


Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party Host or Hostess

One of the first decisions a bride-to-be needs to make when looking forward to a special bridal shower is choosing her host or hostess. The maid of honor, or one of the bride’s other attendants, often fulfills this role. However, logistics, schedules and levels of comfort and expertise with the task come into play when choosing the person to take on this critical role. The most important characteristic of the person taking on this important bridal task should center around having the bride’s best interests and fun at the forefront of their thoughts. So, whether the event planner is a trusted co-worker, a dear friend or a family member, the key factor is to make it all about the bride’s interests.

Choosing the Pitch Perfect Event Time and Location

Once the pivotal role of the party planner is in place, this point person needs to figure out the party date that works best for everyone, starting with the bride. The bridal shower or bachelorette party can take place anytime from two months to two weeks away from the date of the wedding. Keeping the bride’s wishes as the priority, as well as ensuring that as many guests can make it on a particular date as possible in mind, will require a great deal of clear communication between everyone who wishes to attend. The party’s planner needs to make it clear to everyone that they are working on a tight timeline and that they need candid and consistent communication, as well as deference to the bride’s wishes. The location of this NYC event might prove easier to pinpoint once the event planner nails down the date when everyone can make it. If the bride lives in NYC, the event can take place in someone’s home, a local cocktail lounge, a wine and chocolate cafe or in the comfort of a limousine, touring the Midtown and the rest of the city.


The chances are strong that you are dealing with busy professionals who are tech savvy and eco-conscious and prefer receiving evites over traditional invitations. The planner can compile all the email addresses of people the bride wants to attend and prepare an attractively designed evite with some special words that speak on the bride’s behalf. There are websites available to prepare and track the RSVPs for these electronic invitations.

Food and Refreshments

Bachelorette events and bridal showers often call for champagne, wine, cheese platters, chocolate and fruit and veggie trays to fuel its participants while mingle around the buffet table and snack while chatting and reminiscing. The easiest refueling and quenching idea for the event’s planner might involve scheduling the party at our Midtown private catering space to sip Shiraz or Riesling while nibbling truffles and other decadent delights in style and comfort.

Games and Activities

Here’s where the planner can use their creativity since bridal showers often feature a game or other featured event or two to keep things lively. A few possible ideas that the shower planner might consider for fun and frivolity include making a wedding dress out of toilet tissue, playing wedding movie charades, testing marital knowledge with a game of Wedding Jeopardy, or hiring a henna tattoo artist or a tarot card reader.