Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning and coordinating the perfect baby shower isn’t as complicated as it sounds. There are many different components that need to be looked at during the planning process. Here are different steps that can be taken to get the perfect baby shower for a soon to be mom.

Baby Shower Host or Hostess

First, the expectant mother needs to decide who should throw the shower. It used to be proper etiquette for someone who is not a relative to plan the baby shower, such as a close friend or co-worker, but that is not the case anymore. It’s best to find a person who is familiar with the mother to be so they can cater the party around her likes.

Choosing a Date and Location

Next up, after the party planner is chosen, they need to decide on when the baby shower will happen as well as the location for the shower. Usually baby showers are thrown towards the end of a pregnancy, that way the mom to be looks and feels the part.

As for location, the planner needs to take a look at how many guests are invited. If it’s a small gathering, usually the baby shower can be held at someone’s house. This gives the party and intimate, homey feel.

Sometimes, cramped quarters or a crowd exhausted by baby showers may mean going to an exciting restaurant or bar. If the baby shower is larger, renting out a restaurant may be the way to go, as many places have packages that work well for groups.

English: Infant wearing a onesie
English: Infant wearing a onesie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this day and age the best invitations for this type of event are evites. It makes it so much easier and they are sent with a click of a button. There are different websites out there that one can use to design the baby shower invitation and communicate all the details. The website then tracks the RSVPs and can give the planner a running tally of how many guests to expect.

The planner also will want to have a few handwritten invitations on hand to send to the older guests who may not have an understanding of the internet.

Food and Refreshments

Of course, the most important part of a party is the food and refreshments. Depending on the budget, the planner can go with little snacks or plan a full fledged meal. If they go the snack route, little finger sandwiches, veggie and fruit platter and other hors d’oeuvre are the way to go. If they are going the meal route, a buffet style set up is the best so people can still mingle without being tied down to a table setting.

Games and Activities

Baby showers are known for their games. There are all different ways to approach this part of the planning. First, look at what type of guests are coming. Is it a coed shower or ladies only? Either way, both genders are sure to enjoy the multitude of games and activities.

A popular game is “dirty diaper” where a variety of chocolate bars are melted and placed in disposable diapers. Then guests can sniff and try to guess what candy bar is in the diaper.

An activity that has been gaining popularity is a “design a onesie” craft. Here, there would be a table set up where guests could design a plain white onesie in a design that they feel is suited for the baby. It’s a nice keepsake for the parents to be.