Personalities of White Wine Varietals

A sip of wine is refreshing whether it is before, after or during a meal. The occasion and the type of meal served normally determines the type of wine provided. Wine is such a versatile drink that it falls into the categorizations of classy and distinguished or casual and informal. Its popularity demand its presence in the finest restaurants, out on the veranda with friends overlooking the bright lights of a city, or in the company of one, accommodated by a plate of fine cheeses and a cluster of grapes, while enjoying a good book. Each white wine has its own personality and to help the reader gain knowledge about these traits, discussed in the followings are eight major white wine varietals:


Riesling is a grape varietal that produces crisp and light wines categorized as dominant sweet, semi-sweet, dry, and complex. Their aromatic fruit flavors include peach, pineapple, apricot, citrus fruit flavors and honey. Although this wine is produced in Germany and considered a German wine, it is also produced in Alsace and the United States.


Gewürztraminer is the spicy grape that create wines flavored with spicy exotic citrus fruits. The style of taste is crisp, sweet and dry, and is paired with foods such as turkey, pork, cheese, desserts, or Asian Cuisine. The manufacturing of this wine is in France, Washington State and California.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc grape is from Frances Loire Valley and its style ranges from dry to sweet. Flavors produced includes melon, lime, pear, apple, honey and vanilla. This wine is paired with dishes such as seafood, sushi, salads, rich dishes and white meat. California and South Africa are other locales for the production of this wine.

Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris

Pinot Grigio originates from Italy. Its style is light, crisp, and complex, while the flavors include pear, lemon, mineral, and apple. Foods that this wine is paired with includes chicken, fish, or Quiche. Other places for the production of this wine includes France, Oregon, and California.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc white grapes are flavored with melon, fig, herb, creamy, vanilla and citrus fruits to create an appeasing taste for the palate. The wine of Bordeaux is nicely paired with grilled vegetables, chicken, and fish. Sauvignon Blanc varietal production sites includes New Zealand, Chile, and California.


Verdejo originated from Spain with flora aromas of tropical fruits. The style is crisp and acidic, and pairs amazingly with such foods as chicken, salmon, salads, and cheeses. Other regions of production includes Ribera del Duero and Toro.


Viognier originates from the Rhone Valley. These white grapes produce wines infused with fruity flavors such as peach, apricots, and apples, nuttiness, and spice. Styles are rich, complex, and lush. Other places of production besides Rhone Valley is Washington State, California, and France.

Tocai Friulano

White wine grapes are the notable Tocai Friulano in Italy that generates wines with an acidic, fruity and mineral flavor. The style is dry and pairs wonderfully with seafood.


Chardonnay, one of the world’s most popular wines, produces three styles that are crisp, oak, and elegant. Development of flavors originate from apple, pear, citrus fruits, and pairs with foods such as poultry or fish. The wine categories are dry and medium dry. Even though its origination is in Burgundy, other manufacturing locales include the United States, South Africa, Australia and France.