Personalities of Rose Wine Varieties

Chinon_roseIf you’re like most people, there’s nothing you find more refreshing and relaxing than having a glass of wine or two to enjoy along with a well-prepared meal. Of course, it is necessary that you select a type of wine that suits both the occasion and the meal served. Fortunately, there is a type of wine for just about every occasion, from casual to distinguished. Each variety of rose wine possesses its own personality and distinctive traits. This guide will help you become accustomed to the personalities of rose wine varieties so that you can select the right variety for the occasion every time.

Grenache Rose

In terms of style, the Grenache Rose is commonly referred to as fruity. This variety of rose wine is usually a bright ruby red color. One may also notice hints of hibiscus, orange, strawberry, and even allspice. This wine tends to be rather high in acidity, but you’ll still want to drink it chilled to preserve the zest. This variety of rose wine is best paired with Greek Gyros made with dill tzatziki. Due to its color and body, you’ll find that this wine best suits the mood of a summer evening.

Sangiovese Rose

Just like the Grenache Rose, the Sangiovese Rose is also fruity in regards to style. This variety of rose wine tends to be bright copper red. The tendency of this drink to sparkle in the light makes it distinctive among other varieties of rose wine. Along with the acidity of the drink, you will notice hints of green melon, strawberries, yellow peach, and roses. You may notice some bitterness to the finish of this wine, making it taste pleasingly dry. This wine should definitely be served chill, perhaps along with a meal of Moroccan couscous and chicken.

Tempranillo Rose

The Tempranillo Rose is a savory drink that is typically pale pink in terms of hue. You can expect to taste hints of strawberry, green peppercorn, and watermelon. Graciano or Grenache may be blended into the drink to add floral notes to the taste. This wine goes well with just about any meal consisting of meat.

Syrah Rose

Due to the utilization of the Saignee Method, this savory drink tends to be a deep ruby color. You can expect to taste notes of cherry, peach, green olive, white pepper, and strawberry in this drink. In comparison to other rose wines, Syrah Rose tends to be much bolder in terms of taste. Therefore, this drink is best served in a red wine glass slightly  warmer than chilled. Believe it or not, this wine will complement a meal of chili or pepperoni pizza well.

Zinfandel Rose

In the United States, Zinfandel Rose is the most popular variety of rose wine. This sweet drink tends to have hints of lemon, strawberry, green melon, and cotton candy in terms of taste. Due to the high acidity of this drink, it should be served ice. This drink goes well with a meal of Thai food.