One Thing You Need To Do In New York

You’re new to Manhattan, here for a trip or something longer. So you are searching for a place to eat and you are overwhelmed with choices. Here’s a little secret: many of those places are a lot alike. So it all about finding that part of Manhattan that makes Manhattan special, where the New Yorkers go.

AYZA is something you’ll find nowhere else. It takes wine and it takes chocolate and it puts them side by side. It does what some thought was unworkable and sends people away satisfied, wondering why they haven’t been pairing chocolate and wine all their life. Isn’t that what coming to New York is about—find out what you’re missing?

At AYZA, we won’t make you get by only on chocolate and wine. AYZA has some of the best French/Italian fusion food in New York, hands down. Again and again, we receive honors because our customers love us. That’s because we don’t cut corners. We have 90 different wines available from our wine cellar and the best fresh gourmet chocolate made in New York. The chocolate we serve will give the elite chocolates of Switzerland or Belgium a run for its money.

That’s what New York does. It brings together the best from everywhere. And AYZA does that too. With chocolate and wine and French/Italian food, we here to give you a true taste of New York.