NYC Group Dining & Private Events: 3 Key Elements

Finding the right venue for group dining or private events is a difficult task, especially in NYC where there are so many locations. At AYZA, we strive to create a memorable experience for groups, whether it is a wine tasting, birthday or business meeting. We measure and improve our group dining and private events based on some basic ideas that may be useful for anyone looking to set up a group outing or event.

These principles are what is behind our group dining packages. Anytime a customer books an entire AYZA location for a private event, we keep these things in mind. Our recipe is how we keep customers returning for cocktail parties or wine tastings. Here is the AYZA formula:

New Experiences

Any place you choose to have your gathering must have a personality. There must be something that makes it stand out from the bunch. Otherwise, the group dining or private event comes off as not important, a mere formality.

 AYZA extends the new experiences to our group dining and private events. For example, wine tasting often are the core of either group dining or a private event. Along with trying AYZA’s appetizing morsels, customers are guided through a wine tasting, giving important pointers in wine pairings and


Something for Everyone

Groups are made up of different people with different needs and preferences. An event can go sour when some of the guests do not feel like they have something to eat or drink. Of course, planning helps, if you know all your guests well.

At AYZA, we do cocktails along with wines, and for group dining and private events, cocktails can be included upon request. We also have numerous options for vegetarians. For the more

Exciting Atmosphere

Some places are just flat. Where you are influences your engagement and mood. If you bring your guests to a special spot, they will put down their phones and really enjoy themselves. Otherwise, you may have guests counting the minutes until they can leave without being impolite.

AYZA’s interior takes you out of your normal routine and lets you appreciate your food, drink and fellow guests. With modern, yet romantic interiors, our locations create an intimacy that brings groups together.  For example, the plush red seating at AYZA West Village has been key to the success of many parties and wine tastings.

Any event that has those three elements is almost always a hit. Our experience from group dining and private events has taught us how to create those elements for every group.