Meet Tracie, Winner of the Romeo & Juliet Intimate Dinner Sweepstakes


We would like to introduce you to Tracie, the winner of AYZA’s Romeo and Juliet Intimate Dinner Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes was an overwhelming success and we received a nearly universal positive response.

We have a lot of customers with similar experiences as Tracie and we feel it would be a great time to share her AYZA story with all of the participants.


Tracie, as many of you have, learned about  AYZA online. We have benefitted from appearing all over the place, mostly as a result of our very passionate customers. This gives a reach far beyond NYC.

She is from Maryland and came with her daughter came to NYC last Mother’s Day Weekend to see 2 plays. She and her daughter are both lovers of wine.  They spent a fabulous afternoon sitting outside at AYZA with my friend from high school and her husband.  They went through 4 bottles of sparkling wine and 5 different food items.

Also, Tracie loved the service – as she felt unhurried – they were able to enjoy our wine and company before heading to the show. Tracie is a true wine lover – but she is mostly a white wine drinker.  Of course, she loves bubbly.  And her  favorite chocolate, as is many of the AYZA faithful,  is anything dark!

Tracie intends to take her daughter to enjoy her prize, which is just fine with us. We will post some photos.

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