Let’s Drink to the World Cup!

Unlike any other event, the FIFA World Cup reminds us we are all that we are one and we are all human. It’s only held every four years and this time around the nation of Brazil plays host to soccer’s world championship. In case you are not one of the 3.7 million die-hard hooligans scheduled to spend their June in a tropical paradise, we can still revel in the gathering of the best soccer talents on Earth by celebrating with some local libations from the rich culture of the host nation.

Foto Publicada | Cachaça A Corinthiana
Foto Publicada | Cachaça A Corinthiana (Photo credit: Alexandre Chang)


Brazil is famous for its endless fields of sugar cane, and it makes perfect sense that the nation’s most popular spirit is derived from the sweet stuff. Cachaca (pronounced ka-shah-sah) is essentially distilled sugar cane juice and can be compared to rum, except rum in itself is made from molasses which is boiled and reduced sugar, while cachaca is distilled from straight sugar cane juice. While cachaca is not commonly found in your average neighborhood tavern, several producers have begun to market the Brazilian liquor, most notably Leblon, and many trendy bars have begun to experiment with it and its popularity is sharply rising in America. Its light flavor and raw taste have attracted a

following from many well-known mixologists and even some hot spots in Las Vegas feature cachaca based cocktails. The best known cachaca-based cocktail, and the national cocktail of Brazil, is the Caipirinha. The name itself is a fairly derogatory way to refer to a person from a rural area, and it refers to the fact that cachaca was once only drank by Brazil’s poor as it was considered a less refined alcohol. The Caipirinha itself is an exceedingly simple cocktail to make as it consists of only cachaca, lime juice, and sugar, but its simplicity leaves a great deal of room for alterations and many add fruit juices, wine, and liquors to spice it up.


1/4 cup cachaca
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 tablespoons of lime juice

In case you don’t want to experiment and want something tried and true, we’ve taken the time to find you this unforgettable cachaca cocktail.

Brazuca: AYZA Take Off on Caipirinha

Brazuca — the name of the ball of this world cup

Ingredients: Leblon – Cachaca (Brazilian Drink),

St Germain

Lime Juice

Orange Juice

Mint Mix

Pearl Button

Created by New York mixologist John Deragon, the Pearl Button is a perfect summer sip as it combines cachaca, Lillet fortified wine, lime juice, and Pellegrino Limonata.

1/4 cup) cachaca
4 1/2 teaspoons Lillet Blanc
1 tablespoon lime juice
1/2 cup San Pellegrino Limonata

Mix and enjoy!


For those who prefer beers over cocktails, Brazil has a strong beer brewing tradition which has produced the most popular beer in Brazil, Wäls Quadruppel. It is a Belgian style beer produced in Brazil that is aged in Cachaca marinated wood chips, so in addition to having a strong taste and a darker coloring, it also clocks in at a hefty 11.0% alcohol content.

If that is even a little too strong for you, Eisenbahn Rauchbier is another very popular beer in Brazil that is an amber ale that drinks like a much lighter beer and will keep you from getting over the top too fast with a 6.5& alcohol content.

However you choose to enjoy it, the World Cup is a time to celebrate, so make the most of it!