Layer Crêpes Cakes

Everyone loves dessert, and as a result, it is very difficult to find a dessert that truly rises above the generic level of popular. Layer crêpes cakes have managed to do precisely that. They’re meteoric rise in popularity can be attributed to both their delicious quality and their aesthetically pleasing appearance. There is also a small amount of culture envy, as many people prefer French desserts. Because of how popular this dessert has become, there are many different questions being asked.

What Exactly are Layer Crêpes Cakes?

A layer crêpe cake is essentially a cake that is made up of layer upon layer of crêpes, which are a very thin French pastry. In between each layer of crêpes is a layer of French pastry filling. There are many different types of flavors of filling that are available, which will be discussed in a later question.

Crêpes Cake

How are Layer Crêpes Cakes Made?
The first step in the process of making a layer crêpe cake is to make both the pastry filling, as well as the batter for the crêpes. This should be done the day before the layer crêpe cake needs to be made in order to let both mixtures refrigerate and cool overnight. There are numerous different recipes available online for both the batter and for the different pastry fillings that are available. The next day, these batter is removed from the refrigerator and allowed to heat to the temperature in the room. This will make it easier to work with.

Once the batter is ready, cookie sheets need to be lined with wax paper to keep the crêpes from sticking. Using a crêpe pan, add three tablespoons of crêpe batter to the surface and distribute them so that the pan is evenly covered. Cook the batter for about a minute, or until the crêpe has been browned slightly. With clean hands, remove the crêpe and allow the other side to cook for about five seconds. Place the crêpe on one of the cookie sheets. Do this until you have the number of crêpe layers that is needed. Twenty layers is usually recommended. Do not stack the crêpes on top of one another.

Get the pastry filling out of the refrigerator and add two cups of heavy cream, followed by a tablespoon of sugar. Fold it into the filling. Put one, cooled crêpe on a large, cake plate. This will serve as the base for the cake. Using a knife with a wide blade, cover the crêpe with a very thin layer of pastry filling. Put another crêpe on top of that layer of filling and then cover it with another layer of the filling. Do this until all of the crêpes are gone. Do not put any filling on top of the last crêpe, usually the twentieth. As soon as the cake has been completed, refrigerate it for at least two hours in order to allow it to harden. Let it sit out for about fifteen minutes before serving it. The cake is often garnished by different fresh fruits to add to the taste and appearance.

What are the Different Types of Crêpe Fillings?
The different types of fillings include banana, chocolate, hazelnut, peanut butter, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, and lemon. A variety of recipes are available.