Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Doesn’t Have to Feel Overwhelming for You

How many times have you completely sworn off your favorite treats for the upcoming year, denouncing them as the stumbling blocks for to your success while mourning their nearing absence before the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins? The pressure that so many determined people place on New Year’s Resolutions is probably the reason for abandoning those resolutions — with abandon — by the middle of January or early February. We’ve all done it. Multiple times, most likely.

The Key to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Might Come from a Combination of Commitment, Calm and Moderation

Perhaps the primary problem involved with our focus on making this 180 degree lifestyle change on January 1 is that the idea is punitive by its very nature. By cutting out these blissful treats “cold turkey,” it feels as if our joys in life are inherently wrong and bad. You might find more success that extends far beyond the beginning of the year if you take different approach this time.

Regardless of your resolution, or resolutions, this year, you might try adding some pleasurable pursuits to keep everything in balance. Consider adding one or two of the following calming and soothing activities that help you practice your skills in commitment, calm and moderation while still enjoying your life.

  • Eat Healthier for Happiness and Well-Being. Try to look at any dietary changes as opportunities to improve your health and the way you see the world instead of as a punishment against what you perceive as a bulkier waistline. A positive attitudeabout adding gloriously colorful fruits and vegetables will probably make it easier than dreading giving up some decadent favorites devoid of nutrition.
  • Clear the Clutter for a Better Perspective. Whether it is your desk at work, that “junk drawer” in your kitchen or your clothing closet, the act of clearing clutter can work as a contemplative experience, reminding you to consider what is most important and essential to your daily life and happiness.
  • Keep Rituals and Friendships Alive. Even if you are trying to adopt a new eating regimen to focus on better nutrition and fitness, you don’t have to give up special treats, such as evenings spent catching up with friends at a cozy neighborhood wine bar while sipping wine and noshing chocolate. Sharing a bottle of Shiraz and a few squares of dark chocolate with friends can help keep everything in focus.
  • Meditate Each Morning for a Gentle and Clarifying Start to Your Day. You can find a meditation guide to suit any challenge you might face in the world. Take this special time to quiet your mind so you can focus on what the day asks of you.

Mild changes are better than no changes at all, and you never know when those mild changes will grow into exciting and healthy new habits you hadn’t foreseen. Go easy on yourself and enjoy the positive steps you take to improve your life in the new year!