Jacques Torres Stars at AYZA Wine & Chocolate Tasting


It would be untrue to say that Jacques Torres has not made an appearance at AYZA. Jacques Torres’ chocolates have been at AYZA for years and winning over chocolate lovers by the bushel. Now Jacques Torres, the famous chocolatier, will lead a wine & chocolate tasting at AYZA WEST VILLAGE on Tuesday November 19th at 7pm, bringing full circle the AYZA partnership.



Jacques Torres, the former pastry chef of the legendary Le Cirque, is NYC’s famed chocolatier, earning the nickname “Mr. Chocolate”, and his Hudson Street factory and city-wide chocolate stores are ever busy. Jacques Torres’ decadent chocolates has initiated a renaissance for NYC chocolatiers. Although there have been many imitators, no one is even close to Torres world-class truffles or his wide selection of NYC made chocolates. Going to one of his shops is more than a candy shop; it much closer to an approximation of dessert heaven.

AYZA has been a long time admirer of Jacques Torres and has almost 10 different Jacques Torres chocolates on hand for NYC dessert lovers. You can sample all types of Jacques Torres chocolates cover with the richest dark chocolate or creamiest milk chocolate to go with delectable ganaches or liqueur fillings.

November 19th’s event will be one of a kind with 5 different wines and 10 different chocolates, along with the expertise of the chocolate maestro himself, Jacques Torres; and you should buy your ticket soon before you miss this opportunity.