Ideas for Corporate Holiday Parties

The company holiday party is an annual ritual that many employees enjoy, but many others avoid or dread. To throw the kind of party that everyone will enjoy and anticipate, the goal of the party planner should be to organize an event that everyone will want to attend, will feel welcome attending, and will have great memories of the next day. The following suggestions, individually or together, can form the foundation of a fun and exciting holiday party like the ones AYZA offers every year.

Chocolate Fountain at AYZA

Use a Desirable Food Item as a Draw

Consider building the refreshments around a particular food category. A great theme for the holidays would be chocolate. Chocolate fountains are available from most party rental services, and local chocolatiers will have special holiday confections available. Imagine trays covered with mixed chocolates, chocolate-dipped strawberries and cookies, and bite-sized iced cakes in the shape of tiny trees. The popular candy-coated chocolates that can be custom printed would make delightful party favors for guests to take home; print the name of the company on one side, the date on the other.

Have an Open Bar

An open bar is always a welcome treat at a holiday party. A fun way to make it more unique is to plan a few specialty drinks, and make sure the guests know they are available. For example, if the theme is chocolate, feature drinks made with creme de cocoa. Rich and creamy drinks such as brandy Alexanders, grasshoppers and banshees are delicious; they have the added benefit of slowing the absorption of alcohol, which will ensure that guests have a fun but safe evening. Of course, be sure that the bartenders are very conscientious (give them permission beforehand) about putting the breaks on someone who has too much to drink.

Include Games and Activities

Planning a few activities is another way to give company employees something exciting to look forward to. This is particularly helpful for those who have recently joined the company and may know very few people. No one enjoys walking into a room full of strangers and standing awkwardly, drink in hand. A fun game with light competition between teams will give the newcomer a chance to join in and make new friends. Of course, if the budget allows, casino nights are also very popular. Offering prizes to game winners will be an added incentive for employees to attend and participate. Prizes can be small items for the winners to take home or more valuable prizes, such as a free lunch or afternoon off.

Champagne Celebration

Get as Far Away from the Office as Possible

Another way to make a party unique and memorable is to book an unusual location. Forget about the office lobby or hotel banquet room. Think of locations that have group facilities but may be slow over the winter months, offering reduced rates. An amusement park, botanical garden or nature preserve could be a breath of fresh air for the guests.Great food, great drinks and fun activities in a surprising location will give a company’s holiday party everything it needs to be an event to remember.