How to Make Good Hot Chocolate from Scratch

Hot chocolate is a delicious treat to enjoy when it’s cold outside. You can make it for children who have been playing in the snow or as a family beverage to enjoy while watching a movie in the evening. This is something that you can add your own special ingredients to, and the basic recipe is easy to follow.

Great walk around Montsalvat - in the rain - f...
Great walk around Montsalvat – in the rain – finished of with hot chocolate! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Basics

First, you need to gather your ingredients. All of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. You will need a third of a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, three quarters of a cup of white sugar, a small amount of salt, three and a half cups of milk, cream and a third of a cup of boiling water. You need to monitor the cocoa poder after it’s added to the milk because it can burn. This will give the hot chocolate a bitter taste. Blend the sugar, cocoa and salt together on low heat in a small pot. Add the water after it has reached a boiling point. Let this sit for about two minutes before adding the milk. Make sure this doesn’t boil. When it is hot, remove the mixture from the stove. Pour the chocolate into mugs, and top each cup with whipped cream. You can add shavings of chocolate from a candy bar on top of the whipped cream.

Variations on Hot Chocolate

One variation is to add evaporated milk. You will cut the amount of milk in half and replace it with the evaporated milk. This will make the hot chocolate a little sweeter.

If you want something that has a different taste, then try adding a piece of peppermint candy on the bottom of the mug before adding the hot chocolate. You can also add mint chocolate morsels to the chocolate while it’s on the stove. Mix the beverage with a candy cane for a minty treat.

If you want something festive, chop a bar of white chocolate into small pieces. Melt this on the stove before adding your milk. When you put it in the mugs, add swirls of red and green food coloring or red and green sprinkles.