How to Make Chocolate Fondue at Home

Making a chocolate fondue doesn’t have to be about purchasing special equipment or spending lots of time slaving over the stove. Quite actually, anyone can whip up chocolate fondue right from their own homes with the use of a few common ingredients and kitchen supplies!



15 oz. chocolate (sweetened or unsweetened)
10 oz. milk
1 oz. honey
4.5 oz. corn syrup
1 vanilla bean
2 oz. butter (unsalted)


1. Begin by pouring the milk into a pan on the stove. Using the vanilla bean, split it in half lengthwise. Don’t worry about scraping out the seeds; it’s not necessary. Splitting the vanilla bean in half helps release virtually all of its flavor. Drop the vanilla bean into the milk.

2. Turn stove eye to medium heat. Pour the honey into the milk along with the corn syrup. As the mixture warms, stir it occasionally to ensure that it is combined evenly. Warm the mixture until it has reached a boil. Be careful; this type of mixture can easily boil over. Keep a close eye on it at all times.


3. Once the mixture is at a boiling point, turn the heat off and add your chocolate. You can use whichever type of chocolate you want, whether it be sweetened or unsweetened. You can even use a half-and-half combination to get a taste that’s just right.

4. Let the mixture with the added chocolate sit for around 30 seconds. During this time, the chocolate will begin to melt. After 30 seconds has passed, it will be softened quite a bit. Using a whisk, thoroughly mix the ingredients all together. It will take on a nice and think consistency.

5. Remove the vanilla bean. Of course, you don’t want a vanilla bean floating around in your fondue. Add the butter and continue to mix the fondue. The butter is added towards the end to retain its nice and creamy texture.

6. Use the chocolate fondue right away, or store it in a container and refrigerate right away. The fondue will stay edible for roughly four days. It can be reheated using a microwave or a double boiler. Dip anything you’d like into the fondue; ideally cookies, fruits, meringue sticks, cake, and more!