Home Wine Storage: Racks, Refrigerators & Cellars

Wine lovers who amass bottles for later enjoyment need some place in their homes to store their collections. There are a number of storage options available, whether the enthusiast needs to store two bottles or one hundred bottles. Proper home wine storage is necessary to ensure that the quality of the wine is maintained until the bottle is ready to be enjoyed. Here is a list of several wine storage options appropriate for any size or type of collection.

1. Wine racks

Day 97/365 - Full FridgeAs the simplest and most attractive wine storage solution, a wine enthusiast can select a wine rack that best suits his or her needs. A rack can be as simple as a series of shelves meant to hold round bottles or as elaborate as a grid that crisscrosses its way along a cabinet. Because of the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials used to create them, wine racks add storage and design to any kitchen or dining room. For example, the racks can be constructed of wood or a decorative metal. Some wine enthusiasts may be content with a rack that stores two or three bottles at a time, while more serious collectors will require a larger storage option. When choosing a wine rack, it is important to take into account both the number of bottles to be stored and the style and architecture of the home in order to make the best design selection.

2. Wine refrigerators

Sometimes referred to as chillers or coolers, wine refrigerators are small appliances built to store wine at the ideal temperatures. These appliances can be installed much like a dishwasher or microwave, and they are available in a variety of different styles. Some can be mounted under the counter, while others sit on top of counters. A few are designed to sit alone, like a full-size refrigerator. In addition, wine refrigerators can vary in size from a small size that holds only about six bottles to stand-alone models that can keep nearly one hundred bottles. Most variations of wine refrigerators are composed of rows of wooden racks that hold the bottles horizontally. The racks can typically roll out, making wine selection quick and easy. Many of these wine refrigerators also have temperature zones that allow different types of wines to be stored at different temperatures.

3. Wine cellars

Burgundy wine aging in the bottleProbably the most expensive wine storage method, wine cellars are built to hold at least seventy bottles of wine, making this option best suited for larger bottle collections. Most wine cellars are constructed in basements of homes because the temperature in basements is most conducive to wine storage, but there are also portable wine cellars available that can be placed in other areas of the home. Many of these portable types have their own insulation systems that help to keep the wine bottles at the appropriate temperatures. Wine cellars can be created in many different configurations and from many different materials, each dependent on the individual’s house and storage space.

Whether the wine is stored in a rack, refrigerator, or cellar, choosing the right type of storage that will best benefit the homeowner and the longevity of the wine is the most important aspect of wine storage.

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