Have a Favorite Drink? We Have Your Ideal Birthday Party Theme!

It’s never too early to start planning your birthday party, even if you still have 364 days ahead!

First order of business? Choosing the venue. Consider Ayza as your host. Whether at our cozy restaurant or at one of our larger affiliated spaces, when you host with Ayza, you’ll be able to choose from our varied and delicious menu of food and drinks. This point brings us to our second order of business: the cocktail menu! Why? Because once you’ve got that down, you’ll have your party theme down too! Scroll through our list of birthday party theme ideas based on your favorite cocktail:

Candy Land – Chocolate Martini

If your favorite cocktail is Ayza’s Chocolate Martini, it goes without saying that you love sweets! Gather your best pals together over bowls of treats like Reese’s and Milky Way – you’re having a Candy-Land themed birthday party! If you really want to up the ante, have guests come dressed up as characters from the beloved board game – Mr. Mint, Lord Licorice, Queen Frostine, and more!

Tropical Vacay – Corona

You’d rather be on a beach somewhere, preferably with an ice-cold Corona in hand. There are no beaches in midtown Manhattan, but Ayza can help you recreate those tropical vibes by serving island-appropriate food and drink.

It’s All Happening At the Zoo – Moscow Mule

The only thing we like more than the taste of a Moscow Mule is its name! If you agree, why not rename all of our cocktails to fit that mold, set up some blow-up elephants and giraffes, and call it a zoo-themed birthday party! Jungle punch, anyone?

Wild, Wild West – Basil Rye

You don’t like to follow the rules, which is why you prefer a cocktail which follows the beat of its own drummer. Laso your friends into donning their cutest cowboy boots and buckskin jackets – they’re in for a hog-killin’ time!

Tea Party – Mulled Wine

There’s nothing more you love than wrapping your hands around a warm cup of tea…except maybe wrapping your hands around a warm cup of spiked tea! Fill the kettles with Ayza’s Mulled Wine, Spiked Hot Chocolate, and more and invite your friends to celebrate your birthday over warm spirits and cookies.

We hope to start planning your birthday party with you soon! Still not sure of a theme? Stop on by to try one of our many cocktails not listed above, we’ll help you settle on a drink and a theme that speaks to you!