A Great Super Bowl Sunday With No Football

The Super Bowl is Sunday. The New York Giants are playing. Supposedly, 1 billion people will watch all over the world. I see, you aren’t impressed.  You will sit this Super Bowl out . . . but don’t do it at home.

We invite all our customers (both men and women) who cannot stand football and the Super Bowl to come to AYZA Midtown (only Midtown) and have an equally good, if not better, time than the rest of the world. Here’s your chance to enjoy yourself among like-minded people. There won’t be a television in sight.

You receive a FREE appetizer for ordering your first drink. Go to the home page to make a reservation: http://www.ayzanyc.com/

Image: George Stojkovic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

AYZA is not anti-Super Bowl. As New Yorkers, how can we not love the Giants? But our customers are our top priority. We root for them before any sports team, and they are not playing in the Super Bowl this year.