AYZA’s Chocolate Tasting

For NYC’s Chocolate Weekend, AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar presents…

Exclusive Chocolate Tasting

Sunday October 16 4pm-5pm 

During NYC’s Chocolate Weekend, Ayza Chocolate & Wine Bar invites you to an elegant guided Chocolate Tasting by NYC’s only Chocolate Sommelier, Roxanne Browning of Exotic Chocolate Tasting  featuring famed chocolatier Jacques Torres truffles.  You will receive 3 Jacques Torres chocolates paired with 3 wines for $29.99.

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Space is limited so act soon.

You’ll enjoy the decadent pleasures and fine nuances of gourmet chocolate in a fun atmosphere. You’ll learn how cacao farming helps the rain forests and its indigenous people, what to look for or avoid on a label, health benefits and the origins of chocolate in an event that is as enriching for your mind as it is for your taste buds. You’ll come away a new appreciation of chocolate that will make the taste of chocolate even sweeter.

Event will start promptly at 4 pm.