Fun Facts about Chocolate Mousse

What could be more delicious than a cut glass bowl of decadent chocolate mousse topped with fruit and a dollop of whipped cream for dessert after a satisfying meal?

The creamy texture delights all palettes – from the most cultured taster right down to the baby seated in a highchair.

Get to know this beloved dessert a little better with these fun facts:

Mousse is pronounced “moose.” Although obviously it is in no way associated with the animal.

The French, lovers of culinary wonder, were first to discover mousse. It is actually a French word meaning “froth” or “foam.”

“Mousse au chocolat” is French for chocolate mousse.

The United States first became acquainted with chocolate mousse at a Food Exposition held at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1892.

It became more popular with the public in the 1930s, when chocolate pudding mixes began to be popular.

Dessert mousses were not created until savory mousses had already been around for a century.

A mousse is a beautifully balanced thing. It is airy, and yet it is rich. There are three key components to a good mousse.
First is the base, which also yields the chocolate flavor.
Secondly, there is a binder, such as gelatin.

Español: Mousse de chocolate.
Mousse de chocolate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, a mousse needs an aerator such as beaten egg whites. This suspends air bubbles into the mix and creates the proper fluffy texture.

Whipped cream can be substituted for egg whites in a mousse recipe.

Hot or cold, mousse can be squeezed through piping to make beautiful hors d’oeuvres.

Chocolate dessert mousses can be garnished with fruit, sweet sauces, or whipped cream.

To decorate mousse, flakes of chocolate or mint leaves may be artfully arranged on top. This adds contrast in taste as well as texture to the dessert.

In 1977, New York chef Michel Fitoussi created a white chocolate mousse, which for a period of time was very popular, but dark chocolate remains the classic choice.

Mousse is best when made with an electric mixer. It is difficult to create the proper egg white consistency by hand mixing.

Depending upon the method used to make mousse, it can range in texture from light and fluffy to creamy and thick.

A diverse range of flavors can be added to chocolate mousse to create variety. Try peppermint, orange or coffee extracts added to your decadent chocolate dessert.

Chocolate Mousse can be frozen for a very flavorful ice cream.

Chocolate has many cancer-fighting antioxidants – does that make chocolate mousse a health food?

National Chocolate Mousse Day is April 3.

Velvety chocolate mousse is a classy dessert that takes minimal time and knowledge to prepare, but it is so beautiful that it looks like a difficult and time consuming luxury. It is an excellent choice for a weekend dessert with the family or an elegant dinner party. It appeals to all – who could resist its chocolate creaminess?