Four Heartfelt Ways to Spend Mother’s Day with Mom

Mother’s Day traces its roots back to the Greek and Roman times, and it’s currently celebrated around the world. This celebration of motherhood has taken many forms throughout the centuries. In modern times, Mother’s Day is often seen as a kind of Hallmark holiday. However, there are plenty of heartfelt ways to celebrate motherhood. AYZA is about giving your mother to enjoy some chocolate, some bubbly and family. That is why we are offering at the AYZA WEST VILLAGE location, free prosecco for Mom & 15% Gift Card for you. But for people who are far away from NYC, you might try one of these ideas:

Mother's day gift

1.) Give her breakfast in bed. There’s a reason this gift is so classic. Mothers spend their lives taking care of their children; returning the favor once a year is always a welcome gesture. Surprise your mom with breakfast in bed and let her lounge around comfortably while you get things ready around the house. Obviously you probably would need to live with your mom to be able to pull this off. If you can’t do breakfast, consider coming over for dinner instead. Your mom will appreciate the opportunity to stay out of the kitchen while you treat her to a nice meal.

2.) Lighten her load. Most mothers have busy schedules and an endless list of chores. Sometimes, the best gift you can give is a gift of time: Handle some of her responsibilities so she can take time off. To make the gesture last all year, print up some coupons that can be redeemed for various chores and responsibilities, such as laundry, house cleaning, yard work or babysitting younger siblings.

3.) Enjoy a movie night. If you don’t have many chances to spend quality time with your mom, carve out an opportunity this mother’s day. Even something as simple as a few rented movies and a tub of popcorn can be a great way to bring you together, and picking her favorite movie is a great way to prove that you pay attention to her tastes. Better yet, make plans to spend another day together to prove that your appreciation lasts more than one day out of the year.


4.) Make her Queen for a day. If you really want to give your mom a mother’s day she’ll remember, pull out all the stops to pamper her for the day. Give her a home spa treatment, or send her away to a relaxing get-away while you tend to all the outstanding chores at home. You might want to team up with your siblings to ensure her day is as magical as possible. Alternatively, if your mom is the type of person who relishes being the center of attention, invite some close friends and relatives for a major celebratory bash in your mother’s honor.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a thoughtful gift, especially if there’s something your mother’s been wanting. Whether you choose to shower your mother with presents or simply spend the day together, show your mother that you care about her is the true meaning of the holiday.

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