Five of the Best Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas

First comes love, then comes marriage – but in between those two milestones comes the bachelorette party. While bachelorette parties may connote visions of rowdy escapades like in rom-com, Bachelorette or plane rides to Vegas gone bad like in comedy, Bridesmaids, we at Ayza have a slightly different perception of these affairs….

In our over 10 years in private events, we’ve seen some beautiful bachelorette parties come to life! These gatherings are special. They’re a time for friends to come together and celebrate the bride-to-be, looking back on her days as a single lady and looking forward at the partnered life she has ahead of her.

A celebration of this importance calls for a comfortable venue, yummy food and a theme that fits the bride’s personality. Stumped on that last part? Do not fear! Check out Ayza’s top five bachelorette party themes to find the perfect one for your bestie:  

Great Gatsby

For the literature buff, why not host a party that emulates a classic novel that happens to take place during one of the most fashionable eras in American history? Break out your pearls and feathers, sip from coups filled with 1920’s inspired cocktails and play some Sidney Bechet, we’re headed back to the Roaring Twenties for the night!

Tropical Island

For the girl who loves a beach-getaway, make it Tropical Island-themed! The best part about vacationing in the tropics is the relaxing atmosphere. Luckily, your party can channel these vibes easily: serve the right wines (maybe something from New Zealand or Corsica!) and play a slideshow of calm island fantasies and BAM, you’re there! WARNING: successful tropical island bachelorette parties may cause the bride to reconsider her expensive honeymoon to a faraway beach after learning she can get the same chill mood here for a fraction of the price!

Music Festival

Didn’t make it to Coachella this year? Not to worry, bring the concert to you with a Music Festival-themed bachelorette party! Hire a rock band as the backdrop to your festivities and lounge and dance with your besties in an open-aired venue. You might as well go all out with flower headbands for guests to wear.


Go ahead, live out your childhood dream of living in a chocolate factory with a Willy-Wonka themed party! Since this IS a bachelorette party, give the theme an adult twist by serving dessert with Chocolate Martinis. Gather fantastical decorations (think: human-size candy canes, fountains of chocolate fondue, etc.) and maybe even convince some loyal friends to dress as oompa loompas to really take your guests there.  

Wine Tasting

We can’t think of anything we’d like to do more than taste wine with friends. Not only will you get a little tipsy, learning and experiencing drinks together is a great way to bond and get some good quality time in with your girls. Luckily at Ayza, we specialize in wine and have the perfect pairings to go with it. Bottoms up!

No matter the theme, the company will always be what makes for the best bachelorette party, so invite the bride’s best buds and let Ayza take care of the rest. Book your bachelorette party or any other private event with Ayza to choose from a variety of venues, food and drink menus and customize any other accommodations you might have.

Not walking down the aisle anytime soon? There’s still plenty of reason to celebrate with your besties! Join us for Girls Night Out every Tuesday for a complimentary Chocolate Shot and a Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberry.