Favorite Bridal Shower Gifts  

Everyone should keep in mind the difference between bridal shower gift and wedding gift. Bridal shower gifts are for the bride. Wedding gifts usually help the bride and groom start their home life together. One of the exciting reasons people enjoy going to bridal showers is to see the gifts that will be given to the bride. Because everyone has a different idea of what they consider a great gift, it is safe to say that the challenge is in buying the gift to be remembered.

The person shopping for the gift should consider some typical gifts that are normally expected for the sake of the conservative bride. Usually the more conservative brides enjoy the safe, less wild gifts. However, the gift buyer should also consider more unique gifts for those who want to have wild fun in the bedroom. While there are thousands of gifts to choose from, we will look at five.


Lingerie is almost always the expected gift at bridal showers. There are many different brands to choose from and a style for all budgets. After all, a bride needs to stock up on a drawer full of lingerie when getting married. Lingerie is a gift that can be enjoyed by both the conservative and the more out-going bride because people can buy lingerie that shows little skin or all skin. It depends on what they think the bride is willing to wear. The fun is in making the bride blush just a little.

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Spa Set

Another fantastic bridal shower gift for all bride personalities is a spa basket with sea salts and minerals, sponges and oils. There are many brands to choose from that can meet all budgets. Most brides like to smell good and this may be how they attracted the groom to begin with. This is not the type gift to get if they do not know the bride very well or her likes and dislikes.

Bedroom Toys

If the bride is into more bedroom adventure, then she is probably open to wearing edible underwear. The gift itself may cure the couple’s curiosity. This can be purchased at a lingerie store.

In addition, if they know the bride likes to explore unique experiences, then they can consider purchasing body chocolate. This could be neatly packaged with the edible underwear and blindfolds. While this may seem a little out there, it definitely makes a lasting impression at the bridal shower.

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Purchasing sexy jewelry is another option. Large silver or gold hoop earrings nicely compliment all looks. Throw in a sexy thumb ring to match.

Personalized Gifts

Should they have a close relationship with the bride, they may want to purchase a more personal gift, which tends to carry more meaning, such as a personalized apron with the recipe to a happy marriage printed on front. Or make something, such as a knitted blanket for the nights the bride may have to spend alone. Personalized gifts always make the person they are gifting feel special. It shows they have put more time and thought into searching out that perfect gift.

No matter what they decide to buy, it will be special for the bride. It can be sexy, comical, sappy, or sentimental. Hopefully they do not show up with a toaster oven.