Exploring the Surprising Spices that Go With Chocolate

The flavorful versatility of chocolate lends itself to a lot of spectacular blends with spices. There are a lot of toppings that can combine with its sheer deliciousness to create countless unexpected treats. This list explores complimentary spices to satisfy anyone’s curious sweet tooth.


The robustness of this spice truly brings out the earthy undertones of cocoa. It can be powdered into baked confections to maximize a winter theme. Any holiday ambiance can be enhanced by a warm cup of hot chocolate equipped with a cinnamon dipping stick. When these two meld into one, the result is an irresistibly smooth concoction.

Sea Salt

This delightful contrast tantalizes the taste buds with a jolt of sharpness. The electric rush is soon followed by chocolate’s signature smoothing sensations. Extra points are awarded to the cook if caramel is incorporated. The sugary infusion garners a perfect romping ground for the two flavors to mingle. This formula is becoming exceedingly popular for baked goods and ice creams.


For a real thrill, chocolate fans can experiment with the power of peppers. Ancho is the preferred variety among chefs. This is partly due to its mildly tangy nature that exudes warm fruit tones for the palate. On the other end of the heat spectrum, habaneras can also be added to the mix. The incredible burning can actually be used as a diet trick for slowing down chocolate consumption to a reasonable pace. Chilis are usually best when sprinkled sparingly, but they also can be sandwiched between two slabs of chocolate for a truly daring feat of ingestion.

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans

Double the boost of chocolate with some refined espresso selections. Java enthusiasts understand the impeccable relationship that exists between coffee and chocolate. There are many ways to mix these two up. It is easiest to stir them together in liquid form, but many connoisseurs prefer powder and chips.


This digestive aid is beautifully stimulating when consumed with chocolate. Ginger has a pungent aroma that melds with cocoa’s complexity. The two flavors cavort in spirals on the tongue while never seeming to meet in the middle. This lack of balance is feisty and fun. Ripe bursts of tingling ginger occur underneath waves of chocolate’s dry sweetness.


These fabled opposites are actually inherent counterparts. Vanilla extract boldly builds chocolate’s brazenly biting exterior. Meanwhile, chocolate softens the intensity that vanilla can embody. Both of them work together to create an astonishingly well-rounded body of flavor.

Rose Petals

A chocolate arrangement can be equal parts tasty and romantic. Dried flower petals create beautiful imprints in the chocolate, and they leave a mouthwatering floral aftertaste.

Orange Peels
Orange Peels
Orange Peels

Delectable culinary pizzazz is represented by the subtle tinge of bitterness that orange peel can provide. It is especially suited for bringing out the savory tartness of dark chocolate. The tang instills an unexpected layer of explosive vibrancy.

Final Note

This guide is far from encompassing every spice. Furthermore, everyone has their own unique taste preferences. This means that the only way to test a chocolate-spice combination is through personal experience. Being adventurous may yield some new gourmet dishes that are currently unknown. The only way to find out what works is by trying everything!

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