Dress for Success, a True Non-Profit Success Story

Looking for a job can be difficult in a slow economy, especially for low women. It can even be more demoralizing to feel that you do not deserve a job before you go on an interview. Many low income women cut themselves short this way all over the United States, feeling inappropriate for the professional world. They are not given the support they need, even though they have the drive for success. AYZA decided to team up with a non-profit that is working hard to change this.

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for Dress for Success

Dress for Success, a non-profit organization, provides the professional attire needed by low income women to get the jobs they really want and break through barriers with new found confidence. With additional career development help, the low income women are ready to realize their professional dream despite the unique difficulties women without financial means face.

With a non-profit organization like Dress for Success, this problem is being met head on. Not only does the organization meet the needs of women who need professional clothing for their next job interview, the organization also provides career development services and support for those who are just looking to get their next job.

Benefit Sip in Style

AYZA fell in love with Dress for Success’ mission. It is a non-profit that is practical and you can see the benefits it makes in people’s lives. Getting a better job can be a life changing event. That is why we are teaming up with them for a non-profit benefit on Monday February 11th during NYC Fashion Week. Called Sip in Success, the proceeds will go to Dress for Success. See details and purchase tickets at CharityHappenings: http://bit.ly/145Ukqd

Details about Dress for Success

The organization works on a referral basis. A woman in need of professional clothing is referred to the group and have an interview already scheduled in order to receive assistance. There are many ways these referrals come in. Many of the referrals come from government agencies, homeless shelters, and job programs. These women are able to set up an appointment with Dress for Success to receive a suit that will be appropriate for the specific industry where she is interviewing.

If a woman has successfully received a job after her interview, the organization tries to provide support so that the new hire can have a smooth transition. She can come back to Dress for Success and request additional clothing. This additional clothing will serve as the foundation of her professional wardrobe, giving her the first tools she needs for success.

The organization’s initiative, Steps to Success, puts an emphasis on assistance through the first thirty days of employment. This is the time where women can face many challenges in the workplace and it is important that support is there to encourage and guide her through the rough points. From her first suit to a new job, she can to become a lifetime member of the Professional Women’s Group.

Because finding and maintaining work is only the first step in a woman’s journey, Dress for Success also offers support in order for women who have been helped by the organization can maintain a fulfilling career and become self-sufficient. Dress for Success established the Professional Women’s Group programs (PWG) to provide support for women who are transitioning back into work. As a lifetime member, any woman can look to this professional network for support and assistance in any area of their career. This includes employment retention, career building and much more.

About Dress for Success

With a constantly changing business world, Dress for Success also provides women with a career center where they can build upon their existing skills when it comes to technology, career guidance and job searching.

Dress for Success was first established in 1997 and since then has served more than 650,000 women throughout the United States and around the world. Clothing and financial donations made to the organization are tax deductible for U.S. residents. These donations are what the company relies on to help so many women each year. They also rely on a number of volunteers that assist with clothing distribution and support of the women they help. Dress for Success is a trusted organization that meets the standards of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards for Charity Accountability and is a four-star charity on one of the largest charity evaluation sites, Charity Navigator.